What You Need To Know About Moms On Call

Have you heard about Moms On Call? Many follow the method for sleep training purposes, but it is so much more than that! It is a comprehensive guide to baby care written by two paediatric nurses. If you’re curious to know more, then keep reading.

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If You Don’t Like Babywise…

If You Don’t Like Babywise or are opposed to the principles behind it, then you probably won’t like Moms On Call. (If you’ve never heard of Babywise then read more –> HERE) Mom’s On Call is hardcore. It is for sure more hardcore than Babywise. Moms On Call does advocate cry-it-out from a young age and by age 12 weeks, as long as your baby is feeding and growing well, then they recommend staying out of their room 7pm-7am and allowing them to learn to self-soothe.

It Is A Sleep Training Method

Moms On Call is a baby care guide, but it is also a sleep training method. It gives age-appropriate routines and guidelines to help your baby work towards sleeping through the night. It focuses on forming a solid routine during the day and a very consistent bedtime routine. And then during the night Moms On Call recommends doing 3x rounds of waiting. So, you allow your baby to self-settle for 5 minutes, then comfort them and insert the paci (if you use one), and then leave them again. I can say that this works really effectively. Annie would often wake in the night and I would just give her her paci and she’d sleep for another 2-3 hours!

What You Need To Know About Moms On Call | Everything you need to know about the book, Moms On Call. It is a parent-led baby care guide that also gives parents a sleep training method. #momsoncall #sleeptraining #newbornsleep

It Is Also A Care Guide

While the majority of parents follow Moms On Call for its sleep training method, there is so much more to be found in the book. Everything from how to bathe your baby to the appropriate swaddle blankets to invest in. I think many appreciate that it is written by two paediatric nurses who have vast experience. What’s more is that they have a consulting service that is there to answer any questions you might have.

They also have more than one book. In fact, they have books that go up to the toddler years.

Who Is It Good For?

If you’re looking for a parent-led method, then Moms On Call is great. It would also be a great gift for a new mama, as it covers a lot of basic infant care. However, it is brilliant for the mama with one or more children because of its simplicity. There is less guesswork, and more structure with very few principles to have to remember.

We personally used a mix of Moms on Call and Babywise with our youngest and had great success! As mentioned above, I appreciated the simplicity of Moms on Call and not having to guess so much about wake times, etc. Have you used Moms On Call? Let me know!

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