These Three Intense Signs Can Mean Your Baby Is Almost Here

Labour and delivery are intense. I would even go as far as to say it’s almost like an outer body experience. It is beautiful and challenging. So challenging. I remember feeling completely out of control and yet completely in control all at the same time. It sounds confusing and contradictory, I know, but I’m sure there are mamas out there that can relate. And while all those intense feelings are going on, you might be wondering how things are going. Obviously, every woman is different, but the three things I’m going to talk about today are documented signs that women experience during labour. They were definitely all things that I experienced during both of my natural deliveries.


This was a key indicator for me that things were about to step up a notch. Right before I entered the transition stage of labour I would get nauseous. If you find yourself in the same position then don’t fret. It is a normal sign and a positive one at that! It isn’t pleasant, but it means that your body is preparing for your baby’s arrival.


I didn’t feel too much pressure until the end of my first labour, but with my second I felt pressure fairly early on. I know it is a strange and intense feeling, but once again, take it as a positive sign. Your baby is making his/her way down and getting in the correct position to be born. Don’t fight it no matter how foreign a sensation it is. Half the battle of labour is letting go and allowing your body to do what it was created to. Read —-> 5 Powerful Ways To Prepare Your Mind For Childbirth

Feeling Like You Just Can’t Do It Anymore

I’ve been there. Twice. It is hard. You look at the clock and wonder how much longer it can go on for. The contractions are now unbearable and you are tired. Your coping mechanisms aren’t doing the job any more and you are just so ready for it to all be over. Now, this isn’t a blanket rule for all, but generally speaking (and from my experience) when that thought crosses your mind it is a GOOD thing.

When you feel like you just can’t do it anymore it often means it’s because you won’t have to for much longer.

For me personally, not long after I was at that stage my body was ready to push and my babies were born within 15-20 minutes.

I hope you find this encouraging! Labour is one of the most beautiful experiences I have been through. There is nothing else that has made me feel so powerful and vulnerable all at the same time.

Until next time!

These 3 Intense Signs Can Mean Your Baby Is Almost Here! | Three things that feel strange but are actually good signs in labour. Learn how to recognise them and what they mean.

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