7 Truths of Life with Three Kids

August 10, 2018
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Our friend Christine is going to have her third baby in a few months.

Three kids is a big family in some parts of the world, and in others, it is teeny tiny. I can honestly say I never thought I would have three kids, but here we are.

There was an article going around recently that stated that 3 is the most stressful number of kids you can have.

I’ve only had 1 and 3 kids, twins making that jump over 2 for us. So I’m hardly an expert. But I do know what life is like with three little ones.

As such, I thought Christine might appreciate some insight into what her life soon could be like. Here are seven truths of daily life with three kids.

7 Truths of Life with Three Kids

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It is hard to divide treats into thirds

Sometimes you find yourself with one of something.

You have one last cookie, one last string cheese, one brownie. We don’t give the kids a lot of treats, but sometimes they are available. And I like to split up treats so my kids get less sugar.

That means I find myself dividing things into thirds.

These pieces are never the same size. (Cutting things in half is so much easier!) But, as a good mother, I will nibble pieces down until they are equivalent.

So I suppose this is actually a pro of having three kids, I get bites of treats too.

1,2,3. 1,2,3. I Am Constantly Counting Kids

With one kid it is easy to stay right by them or keep an eye on them when you are out at a park or play place.

When I am out with two it is easy to hang out by one and keep an eye on the other. With all three it is easiest to just stand back and keep counting.

Yes, I know their names and call them by such. But when everyone is running and there are more than just my kids running around counting is much faster. 1,2,3. 1,2, where is 3? Oh there. 1,2,3.

It becomes a habit.

Parking Lots Are Exhausting

I have three walkers now.

I have two hands.

You see how this doesn’t add up.

I can often manage to hold two hands in my one, but they are not secure grips.

My oldest is 4 and trustworthy, but he is still 4. As such walking through parking lots can be terrifying. I worry that at any moment someone can slip out of my grasp and make a break for it, and get hit by a car.

I do my best, I am diligent, I make sure my crew stays with me. But man, that can be tiring.

7 Truths of Life with Three Kids

I Never Thought I Would Love My Minivan So Much

I love my minivan.

It is amazing.

I love that all three car seats fit in so easily. I love the big open space that I can get all the kids into before I strap them in, meaning they are not loose in the parking lot. (See the above reason.)

I never thought I would be a minivan mom.

Three kids later, I am loving it.

Going Places Feels Like Herding Cats

Have you tried getting a child under 5 to move at a reasonable pace?

Consistent speed, move in a straight line, not get distracted by all the amazing things in the world around them?

It can be tough.

Now do that times three.

I am a general barking out orders. Keep up! Don’t pick that up! No running ahead!

It’s always an adventure trying to get them where we need to go.

I Need a Bigger Lap

Why do all three kids want to sit on me at once?

I only have two knees and three kiddos that want to sit and read.

We need bigger chairs too.

How are we all going to fit?

How is everyone going to see the book we’re reading?

The floor is my friend. We all fit on the floor.

7 Truths of Life with Three Kids

I Need More Hands

Every mom can use more hands.

But with three kids I for sure need more hands. More hands to carry plates to the table, hand out cups, pick up toys.

I would like more hands to tickle, hug, and just reassure my babies.

But I have three kids, two hands, and one heart.

That’s got to be enough.

My Heart Is Three Times As Full

I can’t imagine my life without these three kiddos. They are busy, loud, and messy.

I need more hands, I worry as we walk through parking lots, and I am constantly counting to three.

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But I laugh three times as often, get hugged three times as much, and love three times as hard.

So I don’t believe that three kids is the hardest.

I think three kids is just right. Christine is going to love it.

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