7 Special Christmas Traditions You Need To Start With Your Family

December 5, 2018
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Christmas was always such a special time for me as a child. It still is. My parents worked to make it that way.

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It was the one time of year we really were spoilt, but that wasn’t what made it so magical. It was the traditions. The things we did year in and year out which made the holiday feel like something so special.

I knew that I wanted to continue that with my children and so we’ve come up with some of our own family traditions.

They will likely change as our family grows and changes, but the fundamental thing is that we will always be doing them together. Because, to me, Christmas is nothing without family to spend it with.

So, if you’re looking for traditions to adopt or adapt, here is a list just for you:

7 Special Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Family || Looking for some new Christmas traditions? Take a look at this list of fun, family activities. #christmas #family #parenting #christmastraditions #holidays #motherhood #kids
7 Lovely Christmas Traditions for Families || Looking for some new Christmas traditions? Take a look at this list of fun, family activities. #christmas #family #parenting #christmastraditions #holidays #motherhood #kids

1) Put Up the Tree As A Family

I remember finding out for the first time that not all families put up the tree together. I was shocked. That’s just the way we had always done it.

We always set aside a Saturday afternoon to put up and decorate the tree. Along with that, we made crépes. We only have those once a year on that day so that they’re super special and unique to Christmas.

We sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over them and then roll them up.

It was fun to have a decorating job assigned to each person. My dad was always responsible for the lights and then we children put up the ornaments. Every year we took turns as to who would put the star or angel on the top of the tree.

7 Special Christmas Traditions You Need to Start With Your Family

2) Set Out The Nativity Scene

Again, this is one from my childhood that I’ve carried on with my own family.

As we set out the nativity scene, we read the story of the birth of Christ. Each child was able to choose a character or two to set out. I remember battling with my siblings over who was going to get to place baby Jesus down.

3) Buy or Make Advent Calendars

There are a barrage of options these days. We always buy the cheap supermarket advent calendars and I still do to this day. However, there are some really creative DIY options out there now too.

As children, we would make paper chains, one for each sleep until Christmas.

7 Special Christmas Traditions You Need to Start With Your Family


4) View The Lights

I know it isn’t like this everywhere, but where I live people decorate their homes with Christmas lights every year. We as a family would go out and view them sometime before Christmas.

My children are very young at the moment, and it doesn’t get dark out until 9 pm during summer, so we don’t do this currently, but we will be once they’re a bit older.

5) Sing Christmas Carols

On Christmas Eve, we as a family loved to circle around the piano and sing a Christmas carol or two! We also went along with our church to sing carols at the local old-age homes.

Many years we children would put on a ‘production’ for our parents. We planned the programme, made costumes, and set the stage. It was such fun and we have so many fond (and funny) memories!

7 Special Christmas Traditions You Need to Start With Your Family

6) Have A Christmas Eve Box

I got this idea from a friend of mine, and though we haven’t implemented it yet, I think we will in the future.

The idea is to have a Christmas Eve box for all of the children to open. In it, there is a pair of new pyjamas for each child and a new DVD that they can watch on Christmas Eve or perhaps on Christmas day.

Even if you don’t want to do a Christmas Eve box, you could still do something simple like just new pyjamas. That’s what we ended up doing for our children last year. They loved being able to open a gift shortly before bed! Not only that, but their pyjamas were Christmas ones, so they looked like gorgeous Christmas elves the next morning when they woke up.

7 Special Christmas Traditions You Need to Start With Your Family

7) Leave Out Snacks For Santa

The truth is, I never remember believing in Santa as a kid. My parents referred to him but I always knew they were the ones behind it all. However, we loved to leave a snack out for Santa (aka Dad). Usually, it was a glass of coke and a biscuit or two.

I hope these give you a jumping off point to make some wonderful Christmas traditions and memories with your family. Leave me a comment and let me know what your favourite Christmas tradition is.

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