3 Ways To Keep Your Baby Happy In Church

September 29, 2017
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Want to know how to keep your baby content and happy for church every week?

Then just keep reading…

I love the fact that both my children have fairly solid schedules.

It means I can preempt what they might need before we reach the point of tears. It also means I can plan my day out and book appointments ahead of time knowing that everyone will be in the best of spirits.

However…there’s one day in the week that has always been a challenge.


Why? Because we attend church, and for us church takes up a lot of the day.

This makes nap time difficult to fit in and can result in cranky babies, but I’ve learnt a few things over the years that have helped me navigate Sundays and keep everyone fairly happy.

3 Ways To Keep Your Baby Happy In Church || It can be tricky when attending church messes with your baby's routine. Use these three tips to help your baby stay content during the service. #parenting #church #faith #babies #routine #babywearing #motherhood

1. Babywear/Use a Stroller

When my babies were little they would fall asleep while I was holding them and so babywearing was a great option for making sure they got the rest they needed even during the church service.

I made my own Mei Tai carrier when I was pregnant with Jack and I’ve used it a bunch.

Below are some other types of carries that I have also have tried and enjoyed.

I have a friend whose baby would nap in a carrier until she was well past the newborn stage, so it can be done!

As well as providing them with the opportunity to sleep it also acts as a great protective measure against unwanted germs.

I’m not a germophobe and I’m all for kids getting dirty, however when it comes to my babies I am super protective. I don’t love people spreading potential illnesses to them when they are super young.

When you’ve got your baby in a wrap or carrier, people are far less inclined to ask to hold or touch them as it invades your personal space.


Off on a walk in the #sunshine. Using the #meitai today. ☺

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Another product that I LOVE are Snap n Go Wheels.

We purchased a set before Annie was born and I was SO SAD when she finally outgrew her infant car seat and we could no longer use them.

They were ideal for times like church because it meant we could transfer her from the car and straight onto the stroller without having to wake her. They’re space-saving and super easy to open and close. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

2. Modify Your DWT (Desired Wake Time)

I’ve talked in depth about why having a consistent start to the day is so important for both you AND your baby, but that doesn’t mean you can’t deviate every now and again.

Remember, the schedule serves YOU, not the other way around.

So, another option for Sundays (or anytime your usual schedule won’t work) is to modify the time you wake your baby in the morning.

Check out –> this post to find out how to set a consistent, desired wake up time for your baby.

Either move it forward or backwards to suit the time that you can fit in your baby’s first nap.

This will not only help with planning nap time, but will also make getting ready to go out more predictable and easier to manage.

3. Go With The Flow

Once my babies get a bit bigger they no longer sleep as well on the go.

We have the advantage (and disadvantage) of living just over an hour away from where we attend church every Sunday. This means that the kids have a chance to nap in the car on the way there.

Jack is now 2.5 so no longer naps in the morning, but Annie always does.

Sometimes the nap is good and other times it’s pretty short. However, what I learnt from the time when Jack was little was that if you have a consistent routine during the week, one ‘off’ day won’t be terrible for them.

Motherhood is often chaotic. Check out this post for –> 3 Tips To Ground Yourself Amidst The Choas.

So, try to go with the flow. While my kids don’t sleep as easily on the go as they get older, they also are able to adapt and cope better with a disrupted schedule than when they were tiny.

If nothing is going to plan and you’re feeling a mite stressed about it all, take a moment to breathe and then think through what the worst outcome could possibly be.

You might have a grouchy baby for a few hours but it won’t be the end of the world.

P.S For tips on getting out of the house on time check out this post –> How To Leave The House on Time When You Have Kids.

3 Ways To Keep Your Baby Happy In Church

And Something Extra…

Not everyone has the luxury of doing this but if you can, try to make Monday a quiet day. I do this for both myself and my children.

I generally don’t book appointments or outings. We just have a ‘recovery‘ day at home and I allow them the opportunity to make up for any sleep they missed out on the day before.

Take note that it may be challenging to begin with, but your baby will get used to the new Sunday schedule and it’ll work out in the end.

I know that one of the beauties of using Babywise is that my children bounce back quickly when they are pushed outside of their normal routines. 🙂

So, experienced mamas…share with me your Sunday secrets. What do you do to keep your children content during the day?

The awesome ladies of the Babywise Friendly Network are also talking about how to deal with disruptions in Babywise. Check out their links below!

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