3 Tips To Ground Yourself Amidst The Chaos

3 Tips To Ground Yourself In The Midst Of Chaos

It is 4:30 pm. The baby is in her highchair, crying because she woke up early from her nap and because…well, it’s 4:30 pm. The toddler is in your Tupperware drawer throwing lids into the air and ‘cooking’ right along with you. You’re standing over the stove trying desperately to whip together something at least somewhat nutritional for your family. Even while you’re cooking you know that there is a high chance that your toddler is gonna turn up his nose at whatever it is you place in front of him. You have one ingredient to add when you hear, ‘uh oh‘ from behind you. Yeah…now there’s a puddle of pee and a bunch of Tupperware sitting in it. The baby is still crying, the dinner isn’t finished, and the living room floor is still scattered with toys. Sound familiar? Here are my 3 tips to ground yourself amidst the chaos.

Stop And Breathe

I know what it is like to be in chaotic situations. I have a 2-year-old and 8-month-old. Life is crazy 90% of the time. I wouldn’t change it for anything but I do have to include strategies that work to keep me grounded or else everything starts to fall apart.

When there is so much chaos around there has to be something that is constant. That something is you, mama.

So, when you’re in that moment and you don’t know which fire to put out first, just stop. Stop and breathe. I don’t mean a quick breath and off you go. I mean stop for at least ten seconds and take a couple deep breaths. Chaos tends to creep into our minds and create havoc there too. By stopping for just a moment you can allow yourself some headspace which will, in turn, allow you to think more clearly and react more calmly.

Stop And Think

Allowing yourself some headspace is awesome but the fires still need putting out, so now you need to think. What needs to be dealt with first? If it were me I would be tending to the puddle of pee on the floor. Toddlers have a knack for making a mess and then making it ten. times. bigger.

You need to prioritise. I know I’m guilty of believing that I need to get everything done when in reality I’m the only one with such high standards.

Leave the toys, mama.

Focus on your children and then dinner.

The toys will get picked up eventually and hey, they might be a good distraction for your toddler while you tend to the baby, the mess, and getting dinner finished. Mamas are superheroes, right?

Make a list in your mind of what REALLY needs to get done, and then shuffle that into the appropriate order.

Embrace It

I need to get better at this. There are some days though when despite my best efforts, everything seems to be falling apart and I just can’t seem to catch up. The children are unhappy and the house is a tip. On those days, in those moments, I have the choice to be angry or to embrace it.

Embrace the chaos.

Stop making dinner. Put it aside and ask your husband to get take out, or make toasted cheese sandwiches later. Clean up the toddler puddle, but instead of worrying about the rest of the mess, take your babies and play or read with them. Spend time with them. Enjoy yourself. Hey, sometimes I even put on a movie and we all cuddle on the couch. The kids love it and it helps me to get my attitude in check.

Most importantly, mama…laugh. Laugh amidst the chaos, because the reality is that 90% of life with children IS chaotic. If you can’t learn to laugh in the chaos then you probably won’t laugh very often, and I can assure you that there isn’t a child that doesn’t love to see his mama happy.

Step back and see the big picture. What do you want your children to remember? A joyful mama, or one that is frustrated and angry. I know I tend to fall into the latter category far too often, so these tips are as much for me as they are for you, my friend.

You can also find some really helpful tips in THIS post that I wrote about surviving (and thriving!) with two under two. 🙂

Do me a favour now and share with me your tips for staying sane in the chaos of motherhood. 🙂 We’re all making this crazy journey together so let’s learn from each other.

Until next time!

3 Tips To Ground Yourself Amidst The Chaos


Hi! I'm Christine...a stay-at-home mum to two tiny humans. My constant focus is having my home run as smoothly as possible. Keeping two kids alive, and maintaining my sanity is also a priority. Most Saturday nights, you can find me hunkered down watching Grey's Anatomy, and hopefully nibbling on some chocolate. :)

  • Erica Penner

    I will definitely need to refer to posts like these more often.

    • Christine Keys

      It helps so much when you have tools that are simple to implement! 🙂

  • Caitlin Patoka

    This is so true… I’ve been in that overwhelmed state just like you’ve described SO MANY TIMES, and when I pause before reacting I’m able to handle it so much better. And being able to laugh at the insanity of it all is a wonderful tool! Great post and keep up the good work Mama!

    • Christine Keys

      Thank you!

  • Clair

    This is more than true…I am definitely that mama in the midst of the chaos during dinner, and I so desperately try not to lose my cool. I love how you said to embrace it and laugh ❤️ That is seriously the only way I get through those crazy times…such a great reminder!

    • Christine Keys

      I’m glad it was an encouragement! 🙂

  • Emily Sy

    These are great tips. I had a pretty chaotic morning. The baby wouldn’t stop crying even though I changed her diaper, fed her and changed her clothes. No matter what I did she wouldn’t stop. The other children needing feeding and I was watching the stove at the same time while cleaning. It’s true we have to stop, breathe and think and prioritize! 👍🏼😄

    • Christine Keys

      Those days are so difficult. It is too easy to take it all personally as well, when in reality kids are just kids.

  • Those are great tips. Another one I have is to surround yourself with others that can relate and understand or at least empathize. It helps.

    • Christine Keys

      Absolutely! And to avoid those that don’t, ha!

  • Jhilmil Mommyinme

    Oh, that was so much of my life .. Yes I have been practising to take a pause, take fresh air & be calm! These tips really work.

    • Christine Keys

      They do! 🙂

  • Shani Ogden

    Great tips! I had a day this last week that was so, so rough, but I tried really hard not to let it get to me because I knew that was going to make it worse. Surprisingly, I laughed more that day than I do on days that might consider “good days” because I was really trying to find the joy in an otherwise not to joyful day.

    • Christine Keys

      Good on you, mama! It is so difficult but completely worth it. 🙂

  • I love these tips. Life can be cray cray but if we take a step back and do some of these things we can be much more calm and put together!

    • Christine Keys



    Love these tips. I once had a friend over while my son screamed bloody murder for 45 minutes. She said ” I just don’t know how you stay so calm” and I told her, believe me I am crying on the inside but I have to stay calm on the outside. So hard when they get nuts!

    • Christine Keys

      Yes! Hearing your baby cry is the worst sound in the world!

  • Erin Nicole Brooks

    This is seriously perfect! I’ve been struggling with my emotions lately when it comes to my kids. I blame it on the pregnancy hormones but I have a hard time remember to breath and enjoy my children. Thanks for the reminder mama!

    • Christine Keys

      You’re so welcome! Pregnancy hormones make things extra amplified so I completely understand. xo

  • Bailey

    Beautiful. Thank you for the reminders.

    • Christine Keys

      You’re very welcome. 🙂

  • Lisa Laker

    Laugh, laugh, and laugh some more. Anytime I feel frustrated, I just look at their innocent little faces! How could I not love them??

    • Christine Keys

      Exactly! Innocent cheeky faces. 😉

  • Some great tips! I’m not a mom [yet], but I totally admire you for this!!

    Emma | Seeking the South

    • Christine Keys

      Thank you! 🙂

  • Jenny Rodriguez

    Great tips! I learnt that I can’t have everything done when I want it to be done. I just take a deep breathe and things will get done eventually lol.

    • Christine Keys

      Yes, totally!

  • Rachel Catherine

    Stopping to take a minute and breathe is key for me. Sometimes I just need a few moments to refocus my energy.

    • Christine Keys

      For sure. It helps to put things into perspective. 🙂

  • T-Nicole Johnson

    These are wonderful tips! As a Mom it’s very important to not to forget to enjoy those little moments.

    • Christine Keys