Why Rest Time Needs To Be A Part of Your Child’s Routine

There comes a time in a toddler, and even baby’s life when they refuse to nap. They play or whine or something in between, but they ‘re not sleeping. So, what do you do? Do you get them up? My answer is, no. Why? Because rest is a vital part of the day. So vital, that in our household, it is enforced, and here’s why:

What Rest Time Looks Like

We’re not yet fully into the stage of just rest time, as most days my toddler will still take a nap. However, on the days he doesn’t, rest time is still required. What does that look like? Well, for us it means an hour of lying on your bed quietly. You don’t HAVE to sleep, but you must at least try. After that hour is up (and said toddler/child has not fallen asleep), we allow some quiet toys. They could be books or a puzzle, even colouring. However, it is still quiet rest time. This lasts another hour so we have two full hours of rest time every afternoon. Note that this is separate to independent playtime. Read more about that –> HERE.

Why Rest Time Needs To Be A Part of Your Child's Routine | Find out why rest time is vitally important to include in your child's day. There are so many things they can benefit from just by resting! #babywise #resttime #toddlers

Why, Though?

Everyone Needs A Break

Most mamas will probably start out by talking about how important it is for their children to get some rest. I’m not like most mamas. You see, I’m home by myself all day Mon-Fri with my two children. Currently, they are 3-years old and 18-months old. They are wonderful, and loud, and playful. They play hard and they fight hard. Come 1 pm, we ALL need a break from one another. Ever heard the phrase, “familiarity breeds contempt“? Yeah, well there’s a lot of truth to it. So rest time is primarily to give everyone a break from each other. I need it and my kids need it.

Rest Is Undervalued In Today’s Society

Secondly, I firmly believe that rest is very much undervalued these days. Society pressures us into believing that every moment of every day needs to be filled with something. Whether that’s scrolling your phone, working, watching a show, etc, etc. The same is true for kids. There seems to be no shortage of scheduled activities available to sign up for. Ya know what? Kids need rest. Adults need rest. I want my children to know and understand how important and valuable rest is for their holistic health. Just doing nothing else but resting is so good for the soul and body!

They Learn To Be Okay By Themselves

I recently watched a vlogger on Youtube (The Michalaks – check ’em out!) who was talking about our addiction to social media. One of his theories was that people are afraid to be alone with their own thoughts and so feel the need to fill every moment with some other distraction. It is just a theory, but I feel as though it has some merit.

I want my children to be comfortable with themselves. By God’s grace, I pray that one day they will have learnt to put enough value on quiet time that spending time with their Saviour is an easy thing to schedule into their day.

It Gives Them The Opportunity To Sleep

Toddlers and preschoolers are busy little beings. Often times they can be so busy that we can easily overlook their need for sleep. Some days they need one, and others they don’t, but providing them with the opportunity is really important.

I’m a huge advocate of doing whatever works for your family. I really do believe that having a rest time during the day is very much beneficial, but I do understand that not one shoe fits all. Do what works for you, and make rest time into something that works for your child.

Until next time!


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