Why Babywise Is Brilliant For Your Marriage

May 16, 2018
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When I looked into the Babywise method (Read all about it –> HERE) it appealed to me for many reasons. I felt it would be good for my children, myself, our family, and not least of all, my marriage.

Before children came along, it was us. Our children literally would not exist if it wasn’t for that union. If it wasn’t for our love and the effort that we put into our relationship.

I firmly believe that having a healthy marriage is one of the best things that you can give your children.

So, how is a sleep training method good for your marriage? Well, keep reading.

5 Reasons Babywise is Brilliant Investment for Your Marriage || Find out the reasons that babywise is very helpful for maintaining a healthy marriage. #babywise #parenting #sleeptraining #motherhood #marriage

*this post contains affiliate links

1) Your Marriage Comes First

One of the things that greatly appealed to me about Babywise is that the philosophy is based on a certain order of the family.

That order starts with mom and dad’s relationship coming first. Everything stems from that.

When a baby is born into the family, that family’s world does not wholly revolve around the baby. No, the baby is born into the family.

Of course, your relationship changes when you have children, but it doesn’t mean that that relationship has to be put on the back burner.

Babywise gives you the tools you need so that your marriage can remain the strong foundation that your family is built upon.

They even talk about a specific tool called ‘couch time’ where mom and dad take a certain amount of time to catch up at the end of the day.

This is done while the children are awake.

It is a time meant for just mom and dad to chat with each other without interruptions.

Not only will it teach your children that it is okay for mom and dad to have some time alone, but it will also demonstrate to them a small part of working for a healthy marriage.

Why Babywise is Brilliant for Your Marriage

2) You’re Not As Exhausted

This is why so many people choose to give Babywise a go. They want more sleep.

In truth, you’ll be hard-pressed to go through the newborn stage (Find out some tips for surviving –> HERE) without some lack of sleep, but Babywise helps that time to be short and sweet.

All three of my children have been sleeping through the night before 3 months of age.

Even before that point, they were only waking once, maybe twice through the night, so it was very manageable.

Why Babywise is Brilliant for Your Marriage

I’m gonna say that most people become ornery when tired.

In a marriage, this can lead to fighting and disagreements. More so than when you are well rested.

Because Babywise helps my kids to sleep well, it means I can be well rested as both a mother and wife. It means that I’m not only happier overall, but also have the energy to invest in my marriage.

3) It Is Easier To Plan Trips/Dates

Babywise gives a semblance of predictability during a stage of life that is often filled with changes. This is a HUGE help for me personally.

It makes booking appointments, planning trips, and setting aside time for dates so much easier. I know when my kids are going to nap, or are going to bed. Therefore, I know when and when not to plan things.

Many people claim that a schedule is restricting. I claim the opposite!

On Saturdays, we can spend time together during the day when all three children are napping/having quiet time.

It is so valuable to know when we’re going to be able to do that instead of having to constantly reschedule.

Why Babywise is Brilliant for Your Marriage

4) People Like To Babysit

My eldest two kids are 18-months apart. Then we have a 2-year age gap between Annie and Charlotte. They’re full on at the best of times.

Because of Babywise, they have a very predictable routine that I can easily jot down for any potential babysitters. I’ve had it said to me time and time again that it is so easy to babysit them because everything is written down and easy to follow.

There’s no guesswork on the part of the babysitter. Because of this, scheduling valuable quality time with my husband is that much easier.

My babies are easy to put to bed and are generally less fussy because they aren’t hungry and are well-rested.

I’m sure other Babywise users could add more benefits, but these are the main ones that are specific to our family. I hope you find it helpful!

Why Babywise is Brilliant for Your Marriage

5) I’m Not as Touched-Out

Don’t get me wrong, I love cuddling with my babies. And it happens a lot in our home.

The beautiful thing about Babywise is that I can cuddle with my children because I want to not because I have to.

I could lie down beside them until they fall asleep, but I don’t have to.

Because all of our children know how to put themselves to sleep on their own it means that I get some time to myself. Time to decompress and recharge.

How does this affect my marriage?

Positively. For sure.

Why Babywise is Brilliant for Your Marriage

I’m not as touched-out by the end of the day as I otherwise would be.

I still have something to give to my husband and the mental capacity to show him affection.

There are definitely still days where I am spent and I just want to be left alone, but because of Babywise, those aren’t the norm.

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