10 Ways To Get Your Baby To Sleep Without Getting In The Car

October 15, 2019
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Let’s face it, when our baby doesn’t sleep it significantly impacts our health, happiness and relationships, but no one said this parenting gig was easy; it takes persistence and patience.  So then what do we do when our gorgeous baby won’t go to sleep? Try these things!

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Ways to get your baby to sleep

#1 White Noise

There are some parent’s who will attest to the success of using white noise to get their baby to sleep. Studies have also found white noise a success, including this one which found 80% of babies aged between 2 to 7 days falling asleep within 5 minutes of listening to white noise.

You don’t have to get a white noise machine though, something like an iPhone will do the trick.

#2 Tap the mattress

When you put baby down to sleep, try tapping underneath the bassinet in a continuous pattern or on tap the end of the crib mattress.

As your baby’s eyes start to get heavy, slow down the tapping until you come to a complete stop and baby is asleep.

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Newborn baby lying on sheepskin

#3 Wrap/swaddle baby

Younger babies can still wake themselves up with their startle reflexes. The best way to limit the chance of this happening is by safely swaddling them; this will keep their little arms secured plus, they’ll feel all comfy, just like being in the womb. 

#4 Make it dark

Whether it’s the dining room light shining in or the early morning sun that’s up with the birds, many babies tend to sleep better and longer when it’s dark.

Consider heavy block out curtains, roller blinds and even tinted windows to make the room as dark as possible.

#5 Pacifier party

Every parent with a pacifier baby knows the struggle that is when it falls out! Encourage your child to get themselves back to sleep by placing some pacifiers around their bed so they can reach out for another one themselves. 

#6 Keep it warm

Just imagine what it’s like when you’re nice and warm only to get into a bed with cold sheets. Brrrrghhh. It’s the same for a baby.

Even more, adults can regulate body temperature and heat a bed far better than babies can, which is why it’s essential to dress them warmly and consider warming up their bed before they go to sleep.

baby sleeping

#7 Learn your baby’s sleep cycles

Babies have rather short sleep cycles ranging anywhere from 30-60 minutes long. When they reach the end of the cycle, they can find it challenging to get back into another sleep cycle on their own.

As adults may, we wake up only to turn over and go back to sleep when we’re comfortable, babies, on the other hand, have difficulty and need help. 

Take note of the length of your baby’s sleep cycle and set a reminder to go off before their cycle may finish. Quietly make your way beside them so that when you catch them beginning to wake, you can shush them or gently tap their bed to help them go into their next cycle. 

Find out how much sleep your baby needs

#9 Avoid overtiredness

It certainly pays to learn your baby’s cues because getting an overtired baby to sleep can often seem like the impossible! Keep on the lookout for tired signs like yawning, frowning, being fussy, eye rubbing and grisliness and get them to bed straight away.

As you get to know your baby, you’ll be able to get them down to sleep well before any signs of resistance.

#10 Look away!

Yes, they’re adorable but do yourself a favour and avoid eye contact and conversation because to them, eye contact and chit chat mean playtime.

If you want to, pretend you’re asleep on the floor until they fall asleep (remember not to fall asleep yourself).

mom and baby 24 hours postpartum


Consistent sleep times arent the only thing necessary for reinforcing babies natural circadian rhythm; it’s the consistency in the things you do with your baby that will help them get into a routine.

In addition to having the same sleep times daily, open the curtains to show it’s morning and then go for a walk. In the evening, follow the routine of bath, book, bed to show that you’re winding down for the night.

Do the same thing every day, so your child knows what to expect. 

If you’re a new mom, don’t be too hard on yourself because this takes time and practice! You will eventually get to know your baby and what works.

Remember also, what works for one baby may not work for the other so there will always be a little bit of trial and error involved.

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