The Best 5 Tips for Flying with a Baby

July 31, 2019
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As a parent, it is so helpful to have the very best tips for flying with a baby when you’re preparing for a trip.

Babies aren’t always easy to travel with, but there are definitely ways to make it doable and even enjoyable.

Today Mitchelle from Mama Buzz is sharing her very best advice for how to prepare for a flight with a baby.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”

Dr Seuss

Do you have any plans of going on a trip soon? Do you have a newborn yet you aren’t exactly sure what to prepare and expect? 

mom flying with a baby

Now that you have a tiny human with you, the thought of traveling across and outside the country may sound crazy. 

It may require so much planning and organization to complete your whole family’s checklist with the addition of a baby.  Surprisingly, if you have a system in place and you know what you need and what your baby needs, you’ll be able to handle the journey.  

In December last year, our friends planned for a trip outside the country while Little J was a month and a half old.  They visited 3 countries! 

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure if I can do it myself. I just don’t know what to expect and I had the fear of the unknown: Vaccination? Sickness? Comfort? Crying baby? All of these things were haunting my head.

Eventually, when they came back after a month, I had the courage to ask for some tips so I will know for myself in case we plan for our own trip. 

Here are some of Mama J’s tips and tricks:

Tip #1: A Good Seating Arrangement Makes a Happy Flight 

If possible, Mom and babysit on a window seat.  You don’t want to be moving constantly with flight attendants or passengers walking along the aisle. 

Ideally, have your travel partner beside you as well.  Who doesn’t like to have a family member beside you right? Not only for the help and convenience but that’s the whole essence of a memorable family trip.  

“We did a couple small flights were my husband wasn’t sitting next to me and I didn’t have a window seat. I didn’t like it at all. I felt rushed to get out of my seat and I didn’t like not having him with me as a buffer for us.”

clock on the wall

Tip #2: Early Arrival Means There’s No Rush

This is a protocol for most International flights but sometimes we don’t follow this.  Now that you have a baby, arrive 3-3.5 hours before your flight.  Something can happen before departure time.

Have peace of mind for yourself knowing that you can take your time of changing baby’s diaper, feeding the baby, grabbing extra food and you’ll be able to relax before the flight. 

“We arrived 2 hours before our flight (not my idea) and of course, something had to happen.  We were 5 minutes away from missing our flight! So stressful.”

Tip #3: Breastfeeding if You Can, Makes a Happy Baby 

Breastfeeding may not be for everyone but it can be helpful when traveling. It may not be convenient when you don’t have a nursing room but it means you don’t have to carry formula and baby’s food with you all the time. 

However, there are difficulties such as finding a place to nurse. Make sure to check ahead of time and plan.

Have a nursing cover with you; this will be listed on the Baby Checklist below.  In addition, feed your baby (or use pacifier) during takeoff and landing. They say it helps with ear-popping.

“We spent over 15 hours traveling to Lithuania and Little J was pretty much always by me.  We were able to enjoy a lot of activities, restaurants and spending time with friends/family because it’s convenient and we could do it anywhere! I’m very grateful I’m able to nourish my son like this.”

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4. Being Informed on Limits To Liquids Means an Easy Security Check

In one of the articles, I read, “The limits to liquids that can be carried through security do not apply to baby liquids. These things include formula, breastmilk, water, milk, juice, and baby food.

However, you will need to remove these liquids from your bag for separate screening.  If the packaging has a clear spot, they can put it into a machine which will quickly scan the bottle and you will be on your way. 

If the bottle doesn’t have a clear spot, things get a little more difficult.  Sometimes they look at the bottle and send me on my way with no questions asked. 

However, other times agents will insist that they either have to open the bottle (which means the formula must be finished within 2 hours).- Lauren, a blogger of myfavoritejobtitleismom.

Check out her full article here: My Favorite Job Title is Mom.

5. Packing Baby’s Essential Checklist Systematically Means You’re Hassle-Free

Write a List

This is probably the most exciting part whenever you travel.  You do it days prior to your flight and still, you feel like you’re missing some items. 

Especially now that you have a baby with you, you might ask yourself what else you need. What needs to go with you all the time?  What can go in the luggage?

First, ensure you have a suitcase or a separate bag dedicated to your baby.  It will be easy on your part especially when you transfer from one place to another.  

Second, pack your baby’s outfits in bags.  Probably fold them together as a set so that when you dress your little one, it’s an easy grab and you have everything you need without mixing things up.

Lastly, weigh your suitcase ahead of time.  You can do it at home. I always do it whenever I travel since I don’t want to be charged extra or I don’t want to lose items because of over luggage. 

The maximum suitcase weight for most airlines before you have to pay extra is 50 pounds.

packing a bag for flying with a baby

The Essential Packing List

Below is the list of baby’s packing essentials that need to go with you:

“Little J had a Baby k’tan and it was very convenient for both of us. He loves sleeping in it and it was super handy to have so I could be hands-free – especially when we were very late and had to power walk to our gate.”

  • A structured carrier, Bebear for example, is a must-have instead of using a stroller. 

“We were able to go lots of places without having to worry about if a stroller would fit or be allowed.  The fewer items you bring, the better.  Little J was very happy to nap in it while we were walking in different places. It’s also good for your back even for a long time of standing.”

“It was really awesome to bring one in such a long flight. We didn’t buy a seat for our little one so I carried around the pillow so he would have somewhere to lay on and my arms wouldn’t be dead after holding him for so long.”

  • A carry on luggage

Pack the essentials! (Diapers, baby wipes, travel change pad, 2 extra clothes for inevitable spit-ups) 

“Bring as little as possible or just enough as you won’t know if there are any flight delays.  You don’t want to run out of items but at the same time, you also don’t want to be stressed carrying extras.  We had a diaper bag and one other bag. It was winter so we also had to lug around our jackets and then the nursing pillow; It ended up being too much especially with the baby.”

If there’s no easy access of water or washrooms, a hand sanitizer can help.  Disinfecting is an essential piece to know when you go different places.  You just don’t know what could happen.

“We wiped down our surroundings and also tried not to touch the baby unless needed. If we did we would sanitize first.

“Nursing cover was really great because I don’t feel entirely comfortable with breastfeeding in public. It was helpful that it also added an extra layer of protection from Little J.  It also got a little chilly on the plane so it was also a nice blanket for us. He spent most of his time under.  On the way back, he was 1 month older so he wasn’t happy just sleeping by the boob the whole time. But his papa kept him company for those interactive moments.”

 Other travel items that you may need when flying with a baby aside from clothes are:

There you have it.  As a first-time mom, knowing what to expect and prepare was something that I eagerly asked for some tips and tricks. 

Although this not a complete list, I do hope you gained something out of it.  Maybe next time when I get to travel myself, I’m able to add more tips and strategies.

When you travel with a baby, don’t hesitate to ask questions or ask for help.  You got this Mama.

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

Mother Teresa
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