The Babywise Friendly Blogging Network (BFBN)

I have been working in collaboration with these ladies for quite some time now.

I’ve been wanting to set up a page so that I can refer my readers when I mention the group.

Life is busy and all that, but I’m finally getting around to it.

So, what is The Babywise Friendly Blogging Network?

Quite simply, it is a group of women that blog and that also use Babywise. Our blogs aren’t all about Babywise, but we do write on the topic frequently.

The group exists to help provide community, support, and growth.

Not only has it been a tremendous blessing to me in the sense of blogging, but these women have become some of the best friends that I have. Once a month, we guest post on each other’s blogs.

You’ll know which posts because they’ll have ‘bfbn’ in the title.

Without further ado, here’s an introduction to each of them:

Valerie Plowman

Val is the founder of this group.

She has put in hours to build it into what it is today. I so appreciate her willingness to reach out and help.

She has never once made me feel inferior to her despite the fact that she has years of experience on me.

Her blog, Chronicles of a Babywise Mom, is an absolute gem!

I found it when my son Jack was just a few weeks old.

You can find just an answer to just about every Babywise question you can think of.

She has four children and is a superstar mom, in my opinion.

Emily Parker

As well as being a huge fan of Babywise, Emily is crazy about Disney.

Her blog, The Journey of Parenthood, serves as not only a wonderful keepsake of the memories her family makes, but also as a helpful resource to parents that love routine, fun, and travel!

She too has four children, and I’m constantly amazed at the fun activities she is always coming up with for her kids.



Carrie Wiley

The word that I think sums up Carrie the best is sincere.

She is honest and beautiful in her description of motherhood and life in general. Carrie too is a big fan of family travel and Disney.

She blogs over at Wiley Adventures.

Carrie is one of those people that you can truly count on.

She is kept very busy with her four kids but is still a faithful friend that makes you feel loved no matter what.



Kim Cartwright

I love Kim! She says it how it is.

Her blog, Team Cartwright, is a vast resource for parents. Her specific focus is STEM and she does a fabulous job of providing fun activities to teach your children.

She is a mama to 3 kids. A singleton boy and twin girls. She honestly makes me laugh all the time and she’s not afraid to laugh at herself either.





Katrina Villegas

Katrina’s blog, Mama’s Organized Chaos, is exactly what it’s named.

It is a wonderful collection of parenting resources, life updates, and colourful fun, all organized into easy-to-navigate categories.

She is mom to three beautiful babies and is such a blessing to have as part of our group.




Caitlin Rogers

Caitlin and Kim have a couple of things in common.

One is that they both have three kids. The other is that they both have a singleton son and twin girls…in the same order.

Caitlin never pretends to have it all together, but she does a brilliant job at mothering as well as providing helpful content on her blog.

Over at Twin Mom and More, you’ll find helpful routines, tips for parenting twins, and fitness advice for mamas!



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Natasha Combs

Natasha is kinda the mom I’d love to be like.

She has four kids, 3 of which are adopted, and one which was conceived via IVF. Recently, she and her husband found out that they’re expecting twins.

Their family has grown fast, and I mean really fast, and yet she takes it all in her stride.

Natasha is super honest and I love how she just gets on and gets things done.

Her mama’s heart is huge and her love for the Lord is the same. She is truly an honour to have as a friend.
You can read more from her over at Let’s Be Brave.



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