How To Survive The First Few Weeks of Breastfeeding (BFBN)

Having a baby is such an exciting thing!!  But those first several weeks of finding a new normal can be exhausting and overwhelming.  And if you’re trying to breastfeed successfully, that just adds one more thing on your plate.  Recovering from giving birth and balancing all the demands of life plus a new baby – whew!

I really wanted to be successful at breastfeeding my first baby so I prioritized that over a lot of things for a few weeks.  And really, those first few weeks (more like 5-8 weeks) I felt like I was just surviving.  Here’s how I made it through!


For those first 2 months (or as long as is realistic for you and your family), make your baby and yourself a priority.  Do what you can to make your life as simple as possible.  Feed your baby, feed yourself, sleep, and don’t stress about the rest.

Older kids

If you have older kids, ask for help.  Maybe a neighbor can help take them to and from school for you.  Maybe some friends will take them for play dates after school.  Also, this is a great time to bust out some new toys and have unlimited tv/video game time.  All the grace for this, mamas.


Don’t.  Just don’t.  I know this isn’t totally realistic, but for real, decide what the bare minimum is that you can get by with and do that.  Use paper plates and plastic utensils.  Let the clean laundry stay in the baskets instead of being folded and put away.  So everyone looks a tad wrinkly and mismatched for a few weeks?  Who cares!  You didn’t have to fold that laundry so #winning.

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