Done! You’ve now got 20 ideas to keep your darling tot entertained for hours! But…

If you're a mom that is totally over fighting with a tiny person (a.k.a Your toddler) to get ready every day, keep scrolling...


Let’s have an honest mom-to-mom moment here…

  • "ME NO GET DWESSED!" Your toddler is fiercely independent and you are so over the battle of trying to get them to obey. It is making the morning drag out far longer than it should and you're destined to be late for everything.
  • Or, you have a toddler that you know is capable of doing more for themselves, but you're not sure exactly how to go about encouraging them to do so. Their lack of trying has you beyond frustrated because you're having to do evvvverything for them.

You’re so over the battle that you have during every “get ready” routine and you’re even more tired of the horrible way you feel every time you just snap because you can’t. even. deal. anymore.


You’re not alone! Toddlers are so individual and it is challenging for them to learn how to figure out all the new things that they’re learning on a daily basis.


Your frustration is natural when you have a mountain of things written down on your to-do list and your toddler just isn’t playing ball.


Mom, it isn’t your fault…

Sure, what they’re doing is developmentally appropriate, but dealing with it day in and day out is enough to make anyone start to question why they signed up to be a parent (that’s how it works, right?).


Seriously though, staying patient with your kids when they become unreasonable is not for the faint-hearted.


But don’t you wish it could be just a little easier? Don’t you wish that you could enjoy your toddler’s bedtime routine again?


Here’s your answer…



Printable routine Cards

picture of daily routine cards

These cards aren’t overly complicated or part of some elaborate system. They’re made to be simple to use so that there is one less thing for you to have to deal with.

  • You’ll get over 40 individual routine cards that you can print out and arrange to suit the needs of your child and family.

You can get access to all of it for $6.99

Using these cards will give your child the encouragement that they need to step up and be independent in the areas that they can.



It’ll also help restore order when it comes to toddlers that struggle with relinquishing control.


You’ll be providing them with the independence that they crave but within healthy boundaries (and without the battle!).

You don’t want to spend another evening lying in bed feeling all that mom guilt because you snapped at your toddler too many times during their bedtime routine. 

Grab these cards and make the whole process a happy one for both your child and yourself so that you can at last feel as though you’re working together instead of at odds with one another.

Questions smart people ask:


Q: What should I print them on? 


A: Card stock and matte photo paper are ideal. You can also prolong their life by laminating them.

Stop the nagging, the frustration, and the battles right now. Grab these cards today!