5 Cheap and Easy Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

May 25, 2018
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We don’t have have a ton of money to take the kids to special programs. Cheap outdoor activities for toddlers are totally a favourite of our family!

In fact, it is even better if they’re easy outdoor activities.

I read about these mamas who take their kids to the park and many other places throughout the week. I’m not one of those mamas.

Maybe it’s because I’m an introvert of sorts, or perhaps it’s just because getting a 3-year old and 19-month old ready to go out, and then into the car just requires too much energy.

Don’t get me wrong, we do venture out occasionally throughout the week, but most days are spent at home. I’m happy with that, and so are my kids.

I have a great post that gives you 20 activities to do at home with your toddlers, but today I want to focus on outside activities.

5 Cheap and Easy Outdoor Activities For Your Toddler || Here's a list of simple outdoor activities to help occupy your toddler. #toddleractivities #toddlers #play #outdoorplay #parenting #motherhood

5 Cheap and Easy Outdoor Activities for Toddlers || If you're looking for outdoor activity ideas for your toddler then this list is a great place to start! #parenting #toddlers #toddleractivities

While we are at home, I do encourage a lot of outdoor play. Just slap on some sunscreen and they can enjoy this great list of the outdoor activities for toddlers:

Outdoor Activities for Toddlers:

1) Chalk

This is a cheap and fun way to keep toddlers entertained as well as encouraging dexterity and creativity.

Buy a container of sidewalk chalk and let them have fun drawing on the driveway. Heck, I even let my kiddos draw on the house! They love it.

If the chalk breaks it’s no big deal and, to be honest, it isn’t very likely as sidewalk chalk is so thick.

Your kids will learn colors and develop their motor skills as they draw to their heart’s content.

P.S If you’re looking for educational activities for your kids check out this post: Fun Learning Activities for Preschoolers

5 Cheap and Easy Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

2) Sprinkler

I’m a nervous wreck when my kids are playing with water. The idea of them drowning in the split second that I might turn away freaks me out.

So, my solution? A sprinkler. The kids get to play in the water, my veggies get watered, and no one drowns. Win-win.

My kids ask me daily during the summer if they can play with the hose. I have to limit the time they’re allowed to have it these days as we’ve been so short on rain.

However, they’ll use the sprinkler for a while and then take the sprinkler end off and just use the hose.

Making mud pools is a daily occurrence and the moment.

So are multiple showers to get all the mud off.

5 Cheap and Easy Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

3) Sandpit

This…or a dirt pile. Either or works for my kids.

Give them some tools to dig with, a few trucks, and they’re good to go for like 60 minutes.

You might think a sandpit is expensive, but if you use one of the plastic shells I’ve linked to, it’s actually super affordable.

5 Cheap and Easy Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

Pro tip: get two shells so one can be used as a lid for when the sandpit isn’t in use.

They learn great skills like motor development and creativity. Plus, it is a great sensory activity as well.

Teach your children that it is totally okay to get dirty by allowing them to play with sand.

4) Bubbles

I’m an adult (obviously) but even I love bubbles. My kids do too.

Get your hands on a bubble machine, or just use the good ol’ fashioned manual way of blowing bubbles.

It is one of several fun outdoor activities for toddlers that will both entertain as well as burn off some of that energy.

You could even talk about the shape of the bubbles or why they’re transparent.

Young children don’t require sit-down learning in order to thrive. Teach them through everyday life and they will soak it up.

5 Cheap and Easy Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

5) Water Table

This was the gift we bought for my daughter last Christmas. We’re in the southern hemisphere so Christmas falls during the summertime here.

It was such a great investment and the kids played with it a tonne. A bonus is that you can substitute the water for sand in the winter time.

It is safe water play and you can move it around your yard or even onto your porch if that suits.

Having a water table has been a great asset as far as outdoor play goes!

5 Cheap and Easy Outdoor Activities For Your Toddler || Here's a list of simple outdoor activities to help occupy your toddler. #toddleractivities #toddlers #play #outdoorplay #parenting #motherhood
How To Keep Your Toddler Entertained Outdoors || Here's a list of simple outdoor activities to help occupy your toddler. #toddleractivities #toddlers #play #outdoorplay #parenting #motherhood

5 Cheap and Easy Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

6) Free Play

Okay, this isn’t a planned activity, but it is what my kids spend the majority of their time doing outside. When it comes to outdoor activities for toddlers, free play is one of my favourites.

They have their outside toys, and I just let them have at it.

Our yard is fully fenced and I can see/hear everything they’re doing.

5 Cheap and Easy Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

I let them use their imaginations and get covered in mud on an almost daily basis. Then they get put straight into the bath before nap time.

It is one of my favourite things to hear my children playing all sorts of games outside. Their imaginations are gorgeous.

Until next time!

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