The 5 Things that Will Make Your Second Trimester Easier

February 11, 2019
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You might hear that the second trimester is the best of the three.

The morning sickness fades and you’re not yet uncomfortably big.

So, yes, it can be easier, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to feel pregnant at all. Your body is still going to be working hard to grow another human.

Personally, I still had some issues that made the second-trimester challenging. The list below is made up of things that I have tried and recommend.

Hopefully, some of my suggestions can help to make your second trimester easier.

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1) A Pregnancy Pillow

If I’m being totally honest, I actually start using a pregnancy pillow in the first trimester. It had become a staple by the second trimester.

So much of the discomfort you might feel will seem strange to other people because you don’t look huge yet.

How is it that you can ache from head to toe when your baby is still tiny?

It’s simple, the answer is hormones.

They work to allow your body to loosen up and make room for your growing baby.

The result, however, can be round ligament pain, backache, and SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction).

Having a pregnancy pillow can help to alleviate the pain from all three of those issues. There are lots of variations of pregnancy pillows, but I personally like the U-shaped ones.
The 5 Things that Will Make Your Second Trimester Easier
I don’t have to carry the pillow over with me every time I need to turn in bed because there’s a pillow on both sides.

How does it help with the pain?

Well, it cushions everything for a start. The other thing that it’ll do is help to align your hips and pelvis while you’re sleeping.

It’ll lift and separate your legs so that there is less pressure on your pelvis. This can be particularly helpful if you’re dealing with SPD.

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2) Chiropractic Care

I have visited a chiropractor in 2/3 of my pregnancies and I definitely recommend them!

During my pregnancy with Annie, I injured my tailbone. It took a full year after she was born for it to not cause me significant pain.

Near the end of my pregnancy, it was almost unbearable. Add to it, round ligament pain, SPD, and general pregnancies discomfort and I was miserable.

Visiting a chiropractor that was specifically trained in maternal care was a game changer.

Did my pain disappear? Nope, I still had issues, but it drastically reduced it. Enough so that I could walk again and not cry throughout the day.

The 5 Things that Will Make Your Second Trimester Easier

I’ve also heard great things about chiropractic care from women who typically experience debilitating pain from SPD during their pregnancies. One lady in particular always gets extreme SPD. She went to the chiropractor regularly from the beginning of her most recent pregnancy and had little to no pain from SPD until the final few weeks.

Another benefit of chiropractic care is that it can help to get the baby aligned into an optimal position for birth.

How so?

Well, they can help loosen your ligaments and realign your pelvis so that there is room for the baby to get into the right position.

The 5 Things that Will Make Your Second Trimester Easier

3) A Drink Bottle

Hydration is important for human beings in general. During pregnancy, it is of even more importance.

Pregnant women have a tendency to have low blood pressure. Being dehydrated will only exacerbate that.

In the first trimester, it can be difficult to stay hydrated due to morning sickness. Personally, I found it difficult to stay hydrated in the second trimester because I was so busy.

Running around after my two other children made it difficult for me to remember to drink enough.

What was my solution?

A drink bottle. Preferably one that holds a decent amount of water.

Fill that thing up and keep it with you as much as you possibly can. Get two if necessary.

You could keep one beside your bed and another in your living area.

You’ll find this tip handy for after you’ve had your baby as well. Get into the habit now and it’ll help you in the future as well.

The 5 Things that Will Make Your Second Trimester Easier

4) Heat Pack

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve recommended a heat pack on my blog and in person.


It is one of my all-time most-used possession.

They’re good to have for aches and pains and even just for comfort.

It is such a simple concept, but it can make a huge difference in regard to your comfort level.

The 5 Things that Will Make Your Second Trimester Easier

I found having a heat pack particularly helpful during the second trimester when I was experiencing round ligament pain and sciatica.

Often we end up in more pain because our muscles become tense from bracing against the original pain.

I have found that heat can help to relax my muscles and therefore alleviate the pain.

5) Iron

I don’t mean the type that you use to get creases out of your clothes.

I’m talking about iron supplements.

I am notorious for becoming iron deficient during pregnancy and postpartum. For me, it has resulted in postpartum depression.

Sounds crazy, right?!

How can low iron result in postpartum depression? Well, let’s just say that it doesn’t necessarily cause it for me, but the symptoms become a trigger.

I realise that isn’t the case for everyone, but the reality is that many women become iron deficient during pregnancy.

The 5 Things that Will Make Your Second Trimester Easier

One of the most common symptoms is fatigue.

Not the normal fatigue, but the kind of fatigue that leaves you entirely unmotivated and almost incapable to do anything.

The symptoms I experienced were fatigue, weakness, inability to concentrate, and heart palpitations.

None of those symptoms on their own cause any long term damage, but they can trigger other issues (ie. depression) which can make life a lot more challenging.

By simply taking an iron supplement you might be amazed at what a difference it will make.

Once my iron levels were finally at a therapeutic level I felt 100 times better.

So, if any of the symptoms I mentioned ring familiar, then I would suggest asking your maternal care provider to run a blood test to check your levels.

And another thing to take note of. My levels weren’t actually all that low, but in comparison to what they were previously, they had dropped. So, it pays to have a couple of tests done to see what your normal is.

Until next time!

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