This is How You Keep Your Child’s Room Tidy

March 8, 2019
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It is easy to keep your child’s room tidy when they’re just a baby, but as they get older it becomes more challenging.

Toddlers love to explore and figure out how things work. This often results in a bedroom’s contents being left all over the place.

And then there are preschoolers which may not take everything out that was put away, but they’re also not skilled at tidying up after themselves.

I do not do well with a mess.

Of course, motherhood has forced me to be more flexible. However, I never wanted to allow motherhood to be an excuse to just let everything go.

Not just for my own mental health, but because I believe it is very important to teach our children responsibility and basic life skills.

Child's bed

These lessons can start to be taught by just teaching your child how to keep their room tidy.

I have 5 tips that can help with that process.

5 Actionable Steps to Keep Your Child’s Room Tidy:

1) Keep Toys to a Minimum

We have small bedrooms in our home. In fact, aside from the master, you could barely squeeze two single beds into one of the bedrooms, and you can’t at all in the other.

For that reason, I’ve had to be very intentional about how we use those spaces and what we keep in them.

Generally speaking, the bedrooms in our home are primarily used for sleeping. We have a small area that comes off of the living room that we use as our playroom.

It is shared with my husband’s office, so even the playroom isn’t huge.

Our children don’t usually play in their bedrooms. That is what our playroom and our yard are for.

How to Stop Toys from Taking Over Your Home

The only time they are in their rooms playing is during Independent Playtime which they have for an hour every morning.

We have a small hamper that houses the toys that are used during that time.

Aside from that, the only other toys in the room are the soft toys that my kids like to sleep with at night.

If you want to keep your child’s room tidy, then keeping toys to a minimum will really help!

2) Make Bedding Simple

I personally love making my bed every morning. Even if everything else is chaotic, at least my bed is made and put together correctly.

I know not everyone feels this way though.

A messy bed tends to make a room look messy even if everything else in it is tidy.

However, little ones aren’t always adept at or capable of making their bed.

If you make their bedding simple it will help you to make it up easily. Or, if they’re old enough to make their own bed, it will also make the process easier for them.

This is How to Keep Your Child's Room Tidy

We have bunk beds in the room that my two older children share.

It wouldn’t be realistic for me to expect my son (who sleeps on the top) to make his bed. He is only four and making the top bunk bed up is challenging, even for an adult.

For that reason, I keep things super simple.

He has a fitted sheet, a blanket, and a pillow.

Even if it isn’t made, it still looks fairly presentable because there aren’t a bunch of pillows and blankets all piled up.

3) Have a Place for Everything

This tip truly applies to all areas of your home.

If you want to keep your child’s bedroom tidy then you need to have a place for everything.

Without proper storage, you will get frustrated at the constant mess, and your child will be overwhelmed with how to tidy up.

There are so many clever storage solutions out there that it is well worth taking a little time and doing some research.

This is How to Keep Your Child's Room Tidy

I personally love using vacuum seal bags to store clothes that don’t yet fit. And I also constantly utilize baskets and containers to keep things organised.

Our wardrobe space is limited, so I fold all of our clothing using the Marie Kondo method and it has helped so much!

Tidying up is made so much easier when everyone knows where everything belongs. It really is a very simple step that you can implement in order to keep your child’s room tidy.

4) Purge Often

Children outgrow and wear out both toys and clothes very quickly.

I strongly recommend that you do a purge at the beginning of every new season.

If you have clothing that you can pass on to younger siblings, then you can simply store them in vacuum seal bags under the bed or in the closet.

Toys that are broken can be thrown out and unwanted ones can be donated.

This will not only help to keep your child’s bedroom tidy, but it will also teach them the importance of valuing their belongings.

This is How to Keep Your Child's Room Tidy

Purging and decluttering brings us face-to-face with what we own on a consistent basis.

This is a very healthy habit to develop early on in life.

When you do a purge, include your children and teach them how to do it alongside you.

Before long, it will become their normal.

When there is less stuff to have to pick up it will naturally be easier to keep your child’s room tidy.

5) Have a Tidy Routine

In the chaos that came come with raising children, I have learned that I need to be intentional about doing certain things during my day.

Tidying up is one of them.

I talked about having a tidy routine in another post I wrote that teaches you how to stop toys from dominating your home.

The same technique applies here.

If you do not make it a priority for bedrooms to be tidied up sometime in your day, then it will not happen.

Trust me, your kids are not going to come and ask you if they can tidy up (well, perhaps the odd 2-year old will).

This is How to Keep Your Child's Room Tidy

I try to get my children to do a quick tidy of their rooms in the late afternoon. They do this while I’m putting away laundry and getting dinner started.

In fact, that is when we do a general tidy of the whole house so that I’m not left doing it once everyone is in bed!

This is something that my own mother did, and it made our home feels so cosy and comfortable in the evenings.

We four siblings would help tidy up and get the house ready for when our dad arrived home.

It is something that left a lasting impression on me and I’ve therefore carried it on in my own family.

These are my top tips for how to keep your child’s room tidy.

I believe that they are fairly fundamental to most areas in the home and can, therefore, be applied broadly.

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