Jack’s February 2018 Summary (2 Years, 11 Months)

March 14, 2018

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February was a fairly uneventful month for us. We attended our annual church family camp at the beginning and then Shane had a few days off following. It was a month of recovering from holidays and simply enjoying the last few weeks of summer.


Exactly the same as last month.

  • 7 DWT (Desired wake time)
  • 7:30/8 Breakfast
  • 9-10 Independent Playtime
  • 10:30 Snack
  • 11:30/12 Lunch
  • 1-3 Nap
  • 3 Snack
  • 5:30 Dinner
  • 7 Bed


Sleep was mostly okay this month. There were a few nights where Jack woke crying as a result of dreaming. Most of the time he wasn’t actually awake, but crying in his sleep. His naps were pretty hit and miss. Most days he napped, but some weeks he would only nap 3/7 days.


Not much has changed since last month. Jack still loves his snacks, but he is getting better at eating at meal times. He makes me laugh though because when given the choice between cocoa pops and rice crispies, he chooses the rice crispies every time. What child turns down chocolate?! (P.S Read about how we worked to conquer picky eating –> HERE)

Nap/Rest Time

We’re in a tricky stage with naps at the moment. Some children do start to drop their nap around this age, and some days Jack is fine without one. However, a lot of the time he still needs it, even if it is just for an hour. The issue is that if left to his own devices for 2 hours (his usual nap time) he will create havoc out of sheer boredom. So, I needed to find a way to still encourage him to sleep, but not leave him there bored if he simply cannot.

So, we came up with a new game plan. For the first hour, Jack must try to sleep. He knows he must rest quietly with his head on his pillow. If after an hour he hasn’t drifted off then I go in with a couple of books and quiet toys and he can play for the remaining hour until his clock tells him it is time to get up. So far it is working really well!

What To Do When Your Toddler Doesn't Always Need A Nap | This is Jack February 2018 summary. We've been navigating the tricky time where he doesn't need a nap every day, but still needs at least some down time. #toddlersummary #routines #babywise

Noise Level

Jack’s noise level has significantly increased this month. I can’t say that I’m coping with it very well. He loves to screech and yell. I do my best to encourage him to quieten down without getting worked up myself, but by the end of the day, my tolerance for it is greatly reduced.


Something special happened this month that may not be significant to many others, but it was to me. During one of his sleepless nap times, Jack made a significant mess. I was less than happy with him and while I never raised my voice, he was very aware of the fact. He kept saying, “I’m sorry, mama.”

I was busy cleaning up the mess and only half acknowledging his apology when he grabbed my face with both his chubby little hands and sweetly said, “Mama, please say thank you for my sorry.”

And I did because I could see how desperately he wanted things to be right between us again.

It made me glad to know that his heart was tender and in the right place. The constant reprimanding is exhausting and discouraging at times, but it is moments like the one described above that prove that it is worth it.

Until next time!

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