Jack’s January 2018 Summary (2 Years,10 Months)

February 7, 2018
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Today I’m beginning a new series on the blog. I’ll be doing monthly summaries of each child. This is partly for my benefit and also for yours. I’ve found it helpful to compare stages with other children similar ages to mine. It has given me schedule ideas and inspiration to try different things, as well as realising that the worries I have about certain things are not necessary because other children are experiencing them too. So, as well as a memory box of sorts for myself, I hope that these summaries are helpful to you too! Let’s begin with Jack’s January 2018 summary.

*this post contains affiliate links


  • 7 DWT (Desired wake time)
  • 7:30/8 Breakfast
  • 9-10 Independent Playtime
  • 10:30 Snack
  • 11:30/12 Lunch
  • 1-3 Nap
  • 3 Snack
  • 5:30 Dinner
  • 7 Bed


For months Jack would wake me up in the night talking in his sleep. Just the other day I realised he hasn’t done this in a really long time. He also went through a recent phase of not napping, but now still naps most days. It always takes him at least 30 minutes to fall asleep for nap time and usually an hour at night. Once he is asleep, he sleeps very deeply. I usually have to wake him from his nap at 3 pm.


Jack is my ‘snacker’. He would eat snacks all day if I let him. Dinner time was a battle for almost a year, but recently he has become much better. He is far less picky and will try most things. Dinner still isn’t his favourite meal but it is a lot more enjoyable than it used to be.


Jack’s vocabulary seems to have exploded over the last month. He has always been very good with his speech, but he is stringing sentences together so well now. When he gets excited about what he wants to say it takes a while for the words to come out and in the right order.


Jack didn’t sing until he was over two years old. I’m not sure why this was as we have always had music as part of our everyday lives. However, something just clicked and now he sings all the time. In church a couple of weeks ago, we were singing Dwelling In Beulah Land and he loved yelling out “praise God!” in the chorus.

Routine For A Toddler | Jack's January 2018 Summary. Read about what Jack is learning and the milestones he is reaching. Also, the great daily routine we have going! #babywise #toddler #toddlersummary


Colours have always been something that Jack has been good with. He is very clued up in that department. During January I realised that he’s finally getting his numbers in order. He can count up to 10 now no problem.


Jack loves to play (what toddler doesn’t?). He is great at playing both on his own and with his sister. During January it was all about role play for him. He wanted to mow the lawn like daddy and cook like mama. He loves to take care of babies and ‘go to work’ and build and house. His favourite activities were playing with playdoh and colouring in (we love these washable markers!).

Character Training

During January we really focused on having a kind and happy heart. Every time Jack would upset his sister (and that was fairly often, let’s be honest) we would talk about how God wants us to have a kind heart and then I would get Jack to demonstrate doing something kind for his sister. We also talked about having a happy heart because Jack had latched onto ‘being sad’. He would tell me that he was sad all throughout the day. We talked about how it is okay to be sad sometimes, but that God has given us a happy heart. Now when he gets upset about something or disciplined, he is quick to show me where his ‘happy heart‘ is, which inevitably means he gets a big grin on his face too.

Our next subject is patience. The definition of patience that I’ve talked to Jack about is “waiting happily“. This is an area that I really will be working with him on over the next bit as waiting is something he really struggles with.

Until next time!

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