How To Survive The First Trimester

May 30, 2018
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Surviving the first trimester is what so many women end up having to focus on.

When you’re in it, it can seem like life will never be easy again. The fatigue, nausea, raging hormones. It can make a girl feel completely unlike herself.

It can be particularly challenging if you have other children to care for as well.

Having made it through the first trimester with my third baby, I feel like I can share some helpful tips.

woman in the first trimester

1) Go To Bed Early

So many of the other early pregnancy symptoms can be eased just by being well-rested.

Resist the urge to stay up late and instead have an early night whenever possible.

I usually aim to be asleep by 9 pm at the latest, but do whatever helps you to feel as good as you can.

2) Drink Little & Often

Rest and fluids are some of the most important things you need when you’re growing another human. Along with having early nights, be sure to drink little and often throughout the day.

I know that morning sickness can make this seem like an overwhelming challenge. For that reason, find what fluid you can tolerate.

I couldn’t drink plain water, so I added lemon juice to it. I also drank Powerade here and there just to get something into me.

3) Delegate

You are not the only person responsible for this baby. For that reason, you should feel no guilt in asking your spouse to help out with things you’re struggling to get done.

For a few weeks, it was nigh on impossible for me to cook dinner. It just wasn’t going to happen, so my husband did it instead.

If you have other children, then handing over parenting responsibilities is something else that may need to be done here and there. It is just for a season.

4) Reorganise Your Routine

Babies tend to flip our worlds upside down a bit. I find that this starts during pregnancy.

Figure out which parts (if any) of the day you feel okay, and reorganise your routine to fit in the essential things that need to be done.

For ideas on how to come up with a daily routine, read –> THIS post.

woman tired in the first trimester

5) Seek Help

This is different from delegating. I’m referring to if you’re not keeping down anything or are just absolutely not coping.

Go and see your healthcare provider. You absolutely NEED to take care of yourself and your unborn child. Don’t assume nothing can be done.

For tips on finding an amazing midwife read –> THIS post.

6) Don’t Feel Guilty

I’m preaching to myself here because I am the WORST at this. The truth is though, you have nothing to feel guilty about.

This is a season and that is all. The challenges that come with it won’t last forever. You will get your energy back and you will be able to go back to being fully competent as a wife and mother.

In the meantime, be kind to yourself.

7) Take It One Day At A Time

I actually give a similar tip about coping with labour, which you can read –> HERE.

This even applies to any part of pregnancy that you’re struggling with. Don’t sit there and count the days left to go. It is imperative that you focus on just one day at a time.

Just get through the day.

You’ll only end up discouraged when you think about how long you might be feeling unwell for. Focus on the here and now, and the precious child you’ll get at the end of it all.

Pregnancy is not for the faint-hearted. It is challenging, to be sure. It is a time mamas need support and love.

I hope these tips are encouraging and helpful to you.

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