How To Have A Clean Home When You Have Small Children

I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people clicked on this and expected the post to be about how you CAN’T have a clean home with small children. Y’know, the type that says to just let go and embrace the chaos? Those articles have their place, but for some (read ME) people having a clean home isn’t just about being house proud. No. In truth, we barely ever get visitors so that just isn’t the case. It is like the state of the home is directly connected to the state of my mind. If it is messy and unkempt, then I feel lost and out of focus. Hands up if you’re the same?! Well, sister, I’ve got good news for you, because I’ve got some simple strategies and products that have really helped me to maintain a clean home.

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Cleaning Schedule

I’m only sharing three things with you today (although there are probably more), but these three things make a huge difference to my week. First on the list is to have a cleaning schedule. I’ve seen all kinds of cleaning schedules from the most detailed to the most basic. Find what works for you and put it into practice. Having just one or two small cleaning jobs a day is a lot more achievable than letting it build up and having a mountain of work to tackle. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, you can download my free cleaning list –> HERE.

Have A Place For Everything

This is almost more important than the cleaning schedule. When we moved into our home almost two years ago, the storage needed adding to. I could never get the place looking clean enough because there just weren’t places to actually put things. Flash forward to now and we’re much more organised. All toys have their home, as well as the rest of the things we have in our home. It makes clean up a breeze and much less of a chore. It also gives you boundaries. If the toys can’t fit in their toy box, then it means we have too many and its time to purge.

How To Have A Clean Home When You Have Small Children | Use these tips and tricks to maintain a clean home with little effort. Keep your sanity intact at the same time as having a clean and happy home! #cleaningroutine #cleaningtips #housekeeping #toddlers

Get A Rosie

A what? Is that a housecleaner? Kind of. We’ve named her because I love her so much that I practically consider her to be part of our family. Upon the recommendation of several friends, we splurged last year and purchased a robot vacuum. Honestly, it wasn’t far above the price of a regular vacuum cleaner anyway. Let me tell you though…best. decision. EVER. Anyone with small children will give testament to the fact that there is junk on the floor all the time. Crumbs, bits of torn up paper, and who knows what else. I used to dread having to drag the vacuum out every night to give the place a good clean. Now that Rosie has joined us, I only drag our regular vacuum out on the very rare occasion.

How does it work? Every night before we go to bed we lift the dining chairs onto the table. We also pick up toys, cushions, etc so that the floor is clear. Then around 10:30 pm our robot vacuum turns herself on and vacuums our entire living area. I wake up in the morning and it is like elves have come and cleaned my living room for me. Seriously, one of the best household investment we’ve made. 🙂

We have the iLIFE 7s Pro and are very happy with it, but there are many, many options out there to choose from! Below are a couple that friends of mine also own and are satisfied with.

Now, share with me. What makes your life easier and helps you to keep on top of the housework?

Until next time!

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