How To Ease Your Toddler’s Fears

As toddlers learn about the world around them, they can start to develop fears and anxieties. It is a normal part of development, and just something that we need to help our little ones understand better. They need to learn about the items or circumstances that have become fearful to them, and they need to learn about coping strategies for fear.

Sensitive, passionate children, are likely to have fears that come along with their deep feelings. It is so important to help our toddlers through this time, and there are a variety of ways that we can help ease our toddler’s minds.

1. Acknowledge the fear

It is important to validate your child’s feelings and acknowledge what they are fearful of. Often times it is something small. As adults, it is easy to decide that this item or circumstance is not worth being fearful of. It is easy to come across as belittling the fear. One of the first and most important steps for our toddlers in overcoming a fear, however, is simply having that fear acknowledged.”

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