How To Cope When You Have Painful Pregnancies

May 18, 2018

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I knew a fair amount about pregnancy and what to expect before I had my first baby. However, one thing that I completely underestimated and was totally unprepared for was the pain I experienced. Not everyone has painful pregnancies, but many women do and that is why I want to share these tips with you.

Don’t Ignore It

I was always worried that I would be considered a wuss when it came to pregnancy. I didn’t want to be seen as a complainer. For that reason, I often just pushed through pain and discomfort. However, if you’re experiencing ongoing pain that isn’t letting up, it is so important that you get it addressed. Ignoring pain in pregnancy can be harmful to both yourself and your unborn child. Speak to your lead maternity carer and see if anything can be done.


While it is good to stay active during pregnancy, it is also vitally important that you get enough rest. This is especially true if you’re experiencing round ligament pain or SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction). Pushing through does not help with those conditions. If you are in constant pain and feel the need to rest, then do so whenever you can. Don’t ignore the prompts that your body is giving you.

4 Ways To Cope When You Have Painful Pregnancies || Find out what tips can help you manage pain during pregnancy. #pregnancy #motherhood #babies
How To Cope When You Have Painful Pregnancies || Find out what tips can help you manage pain during pregnancy. #pregnancy #motherhood #babies

How To Cope When You Have Painful Pregnancies || Find out what tips can help you manage pain during pregnancy. #pregnancy #motherhood #babies

Explore Resources

Speak to your maternity carer and ask other mamas. Depending on what your pain stems from there may be several different options to help manage it. Baths, heat packs, chiropractic care, positioning techniques, and support belts are just some of the options that I used to manage the ongoing pain that I experienced. Don’t think that your pain just has to be dealt with. Do some research and see what’s available.

Manage Your Schedule

Often times, pain is worse during certain parts of the day. Typically, the afternoon and evenings can be challenging because your body is not as fresh as first thing in the morning. Whatever time works for you, try and use that to your advantage. Prep dinner in the morning and get most of your chores done then if that’s when you’re in the least amount of pain. Figure out your ideal schedule.

(Read how to find a balanced + productive schedule as a mama –> HERE)

If there are tasks you’re really struggling with, then see if you can delegate them to someone else. For instance, I get very short-of-breath when I’m pregnant. I typically clean the shower right after I’m finished having a shower myself. This becomes very challenging when I’m pregnant, so I delegate the task to my husband.

And lastly, pace yourself. I know how hard it is to just let things go, but do remember that this stage in life is temporary. Do what you absolutely feel you need to and then allow yourself to rest.

I hope these tips help some of you. My first two pregnancies were both quite painful. During my second I managed to fracture my tailbone and that caused all manner of issues. I know what it is like to struggle on a daily basis and to never feel ‘enough’. I’m here to tell you that you ARE enough and you’re doing a great job.

Until next time!

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