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Really, this is mostly a chit chat with you all. I want to be real with you guys. I’d like you to know who I really am…well, as much as technology can allow. You may have read my recent post “Because Feminism Is Failing Us“. Today’s post is a bit of a follow up on that and a chat about how simply expressing your thoughts aides in giving voice to postpartum struggles.

Giving Voice To Postpartum Struggles

This blog post is up later than usual. I doubt anyone will notice, but it irks my OCD nature significantly. I hate being late and I hate missing deadlines. However, I got caught up in the fun and relaxing that was done during the weekend and kind of totally forgot to get this post together. So, I’m sucking it up and posting it a bit later. If you’re reading it then clearly I was able to get it up eventually. 🙂 I’m totally deviating from the topic though, so I’ll get back to that.

The truth is, while I’m doing okay now, just a month or so ago I was beginning to question whether I might have postpartum depression. I was an emotional mess and that’s just not normal for me. Giving a voice to my thoughts and fears has helped tremendously. So, I hope this post is an encouragement to you…if in no other way than to urge you to find someone to talk to and get help.

And that’s enough rambling from me because the video is rambly enough. Enjoy, my friends and please leave me a comment below with your postpartum experience. I LOVE to hear from you!

Also, if you’d like to learn more about my postpartum experience with Annie, you can find a playlist of postpartum updates HERE. 🙂

Until next time!

Giving Voice To Postpartum Struggles | Why it is important to seek help

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