Beautiful, Bright & Airy: Girl’s Floral Nursery

September 26, 2018
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Our baby girl’s floral nursery tour is finally ready to share!

I begged my husband to hang the pegboard up so that I could finally get things organised.

A sunny day and a few spare moments meant I could photograph the room and film a tour for you all.

When I thought about how I would design this nursery I knew that I wanted to keep a neutral base but still have it be full of personality.

When we found out that we were expecting another girl at our 20-week ultrasound (read that post –> HERE) I couldn’t help but want to pack a bunch of femininity into the space as well.

I’ve tried to link to as many as the products as I could. They’ll be listed under the photos.

If you’re interested to see how we achieved a floral nursery for our little girl, then just keep reading!

Pregnant mom standing beside bassinet in floral nursery

How We Designed this Floral Nursery:

The Jumping off Point

Before this room was a nursery it belonged to Jack.

Initially, I painted the whole thing white and it was lovely. However, I felt the need to add a little personality, so the grey striped wall was born.

I have always loved big horizontal stripes as a feature wall, so I was super pleased with how it turned out.

The grey is the same one that we used in our bathroom/toilet room. Manorburn Double from Dulux.

While this room is serving as a nursery, for now, it will one day be Jack’s room again. So, I wanted to keep the stripes and I felt as though they could easily work no matter what gender baby we ended up having.

Sofa and wall with shelving
Washing machine in laundry
Toddler tidying up toys

However, when we found out we were having another girl, I also wanted to add some femininity to the space.

The print on the wall was what became the focal point of the room. You can find it –> here.

If you know a little bit about me, then you’ll know that I love flowers and I love quotes. This gorgeous piece of wall art combines the two and I had to have it.

I framed it in an A2 frame from Kmart.

I actually had a beautiful floral piece in Annie’s nursery as well (see her nursery tour –> HERE) but the colours were much brighter than the muted palette I chose to go with for this nursery.

Beautiful, Bright, and Airy: Girl's Floral Nursery

A Bit of Sentiment

Something special that all of my children have is a knitted/crocheted blanket.

I didn’t want it to be any different for this baby. So, I tried crocheting for the first time ever and I enjoyed it so much!

The blanket draped over her bassinet is what the end result turned out to be. I kept most of the colours really earthy and natural and then added in a touch of dusty pink.

It’s a beautiful size and feels very cosy.

The bassinet came from Trademe (which is a bit like New Zealand’s version of eBay).

A local lady was selling it for $50 and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get it. I love the gorgeous vintage look it has as well as the practicality of having it on wheels.

It also came with a great woollen mattress which helps to aid in temperature regulation.

Beautiful, Bright, and Airy: Girl's Floral Nursery

Adding a Little Flair

While I love simplicity I also love a bit of romance. That’s why I decided to add a canopy above the bassinet.

At first I was just going to use a canopy that they sell at a few of the stores, but then I remembered these sheer curtains that I had in storage.

I gave them a good soak, wash, and iron and they came out lovely. Then I painted a piece of 1/4 round trim that we had in the shed.

I already had a couple of hooks so that’s what I used to hang the whole contraption up.

It didn’t cost me a thing as I was able to use items that we already had around the house. I love the result and it gives a bit of drama to the room.

Beautiful, Bright, and Airy: Girl's Floral Nursery
Beautiful, Bright, and Airy: Girl's Floral Nursery

The little sloth that’s sitting in her bed is from Kmart. I love the colour of it and it looks so pretty just sitting there.

Beautiful, Bright, and Airy: Girl's Floral Nursery

The Gallery Wall

I’m a sucker for gallery walls. There’s just something so sentimental and fun about them.

It’s like a curated wall of family memories and sentiments.

The gallery wall that is in the nursery is made up of bits and pieces that I have collected over the years. I’m fairly sure that you wouldn’t be able to find any of them in store now.

Many of the pieces were gifted to me from various people. A couple of the frames I reused from when they were in Jack’s room. See his room tour here –> Toddler Boy’s Room Tour

The ‘be fearless’ wall art was made by me.

I used some old planks we had in the shed, glued/nailed them together, painted them, and the used free-hand to make the letters.

The cross stitch is special to me as it was started by my mother many years ago. She never finished it, but I did when I was pregnant with Annie. I love how beautiful and simple it is.

Beautiful, Bright, and Airy: Girl's Floral Nursery

Tucked in the corner is the rocking chair that my father bought for my mother when she was pregnant with my youngest sister.

It has seen several different colours of paint since then. It was black for Jack’s nursery, pink for Annie’s, and now while for baby #3.

Besides updating the colour and switching out the accent cushion, I didn’t change anything else about it this time around.

The side table was one we had spare, and the lamp was on my (too small) desk. It’s no longer available but I did find a similar one here on Amazon –> Gold Lamp

Beautiful, Bright, and Airy: Girl's Floral Nursery


We honestly have an abundance of storage in this room despite it being on the smaller side.

We already had this cube cubby from Kmart so I just added some collapsible storage containers and a little decor.

At this point the containers house all of the baby blankets we own, and then obviously we have some books as well.

Beautiful, Bright, and Airy: Girl's Floral Nursery
Beautiful, Bright, and Airy: Girl's Floral Nursery

Peonies are my favourite flowers and I was so happy to finally have an excuse to buy these ones from Kmart.

I’d like to buy another bunch to fill up the vase a bit more, but they’re just so lovely even like this. Even better is that they tie in with the wall art beautifully.

Beautiful, Bright, and Airy: Girl's Floral Nursery

The embroidered box was given to me by my mother after she went on a trip to Australia some years ago. It’s so beautiful and ornate that I thought this was the perfect place for it.

The Changing Station

An essential part of the room was the changing station. We’ve never owned a changing table because I personally don’t see the point in them.

However, we’ve always just used a changing pad on top of a regular dresser.

That is what we decided to go ahead and do again in this nursery.

The decision to use the pegboard was due to the fact that there wasn’t much space on the dresser top itself.

I wanted somewhere to store wipes and nappies that was easy to access but wasn’t an eyesore.

Of course, most of her nappies are stored elsewhere, but for daily use having just a few on a shelf will work perfectly.

I got the pegboard from (you guessed it – and no this isn’t a sponsored post!) from Kmart. The decor items are bits and bobs that we’ve been given and I’ve held onto over the years.

Also, the single pegs worked beautifully for storing headbands!

The bunting that you see was used in our wedding to close off the aisle before I walked down. It was nice and sentimental to be able to reuse it.

Beautiful, Bright, and Airy: Girl's Floral Nursery

The Dresser

So much of our furniture has either been gifted to us or we’ve bought it second-hand. I love that each piece has a history to it.

The one in the nursery was bought from a second-hand store when Jack was just a baby. You can see it in his nursery tour here –> Nursery Tour

I did a dry-brush paint job on it and I still absolutely love it!

Beautiful, Bright, and Airy: Girl's Floral Nursery
Beautiful, Bright, and Airy: Girl's Floral Nursery

And that completes the our little girl’s room.

Does a baby need a room like this? Nope. But you know what? With all the time I’ll be spending in it, I would really love for it to be a place that I enjoy being in.

I feel as though it is warm, bright, and welcoming and I can’t wait to bring our little girl home to it.

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