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May 6, 2019
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We have used both Alva baby diapers (AI2’s) and Alva baby diaper covers.

In this post I’m going to share my thoughts on both and whether or not I recommend them to you.

We started our journey with cloth diapers (I don’t like using that phrase, but it’s the best I can come up with at the moment) before my eldest was born.

I bought about 20 AI2 (all-in-two) or ‘pocket’ diapers from Alva Baby while I was pregnant with him. We started using them when he was about 4 months old.

I never was fully satisfied with them though. We had leaks on and off, and overall the fit was not awesome.

I don’t think that they are terrible diapers, I just don’t think they were a good fit for my little guy.

What I recommend you do is buy one and try it. They’re so affordable that it is worth it.

You can get them straight from Amazon which is really convenient. Here’s one with a super cute pattern – Alva Baby A12 Diaper.

They have so many cute designs like the ones you can see here:

Flash forward to my daughter arriving on the scene, and I knew I wanted to try something different. I did not want to invest in another stash of pocket diapers, so I researched alternatives.

Pinterest image about everything you need to know about Alva Baby cloth diaper covers

In the end, we settled on using prefolds with diaper covers.

So, today I’m going to share with you, our cloth diaper stash and my review of the Alva Baby diaper covers.

If you’re curious what the difference is between Alva Baby pocket diapers and Alva Baby diaper covers, this video gives a really good overview.

Alva Baby Diapers – Our Cloth Diaper Stash

After making the decision to use prefolds and diaper covers, I then started researching which ones I wanted to invest in.

I ended up getting two packs (12 total) of prefolds from Ecobots. I’ve been very happy with them thus far. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them.

I also ordered a snappy along with them to keep the prefold pinned closed.

We have 12 prefolds and about 10-11 covers. I wash them every second day, although I occasionally stretch it to three days. 🙂

Diaper Covers

I spent HOURS researching diaper covers. In the end, I decided to get 3 diaper covers from Alva Baby.

The main reason I went with them was that I needed new diaper pail liners from there, so it just worked out easier to get them all in one go.

The price also played a huge part in my decision, as they were very affordable.

So, what are my thoughts on them? I’m going to give you my initial thoughts, and then share with you what I think of them now that we’ve been using them for several months.

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First Impressions of the Alva Baby Diaper Covers

Initially, I was disappointed.

The diaper covers weren’t what I had hoped for. The inner gusset was covered with non-waterproof fabric and there was non-waterproof fabric covering the back of the snaps as well.

One of the main reasons using prefolds and covers is so cheap, is because you can reuse the cover several times so long as it doesn’t get overly soiled. You just wipe it down and reuse it.

Obviously, if there was non-waterproof fabric on the inside, this wasn’t going to work.

Dun dun dunnnnn……..

What I Think Now

So, I had to change tactics a bit.

I had plenty of pocket diapers that I had used with my son. What I ended up doing, and what we’re still doing, is just using a cover per prefold.

It hasn’t hurt us financially, as we already had the spare pocket diapers.

Here’s the thing though. While I was initially disappointed with the Alva Baby diaper covers, they are now my favourite.

I also have some covers from Natural Baby (I’m not sure where to track those down, as they were given to me second-hand) and some non-branded ones.

What I love about them is the great fit they have.

The double gusset means almost zero leaks. The only time we really get leaks is if little Miss decides to do a #2 when her diaper is already nearing capacity.

Otherwise, with the combination of the Alva Baby cover and THIS way of folding the prefold, leaks are rarely an issue.

I also love that there is a bit of stretch in the fabric, and lots of snaps, so I can really get a good fit on her.

Alva Baby diaper cover and prefolds

Would I Buy Diaper Covers Again?

Would I buy the prefolds again?

Yes. Absolutely.

I’ve found them way more convenient to use as well as being much easier to obtain a more individual fit for my baby.

I also love that I don’t have to stuff diapers anymore. I pretty much hated stuffing the inserts into pocket diapers.

Would I buy the Alva Baby diaper covers again?

This one depends. I would because I don’t mind using a cover per diaper. However, if your intention is to reuse the cover, then these won’t work for you.

baby wearing alva baby diaper

What to Do When You’re Finished with Diapers

Before I end this post I thought I’d just talk a little bit about this, because once we finished using cloth diapers, I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with them.

Here are my recommendations based on what I’ve done:

#1 Give them to a friend or someone in need

Remember how much money you saved by not using disposables?

Imagine the blessing you would be if you passed on your diaper stash to someone else.

If you’ve thoroughly washed them then there is no hygienic reason they can’t be used by another baby.

#2 Sell them

There is definitely a market out there for secondhand cloth diapers.

The initial cost of purchasing a cloth diaper stash can be quite substantial depending on the brands you invest in.

There are many people out there looking for a bargain on cloth diapers, so why not take the time to list them on ebay or some other site like that?

happy baby wearing Alva Baby Diaper Cover

#3 Keep your prefolds

I have found prefolds so handy for several other things besides being used as diapers.

First of all, during potty training they were brilliant for helping to clean up accidents.

They’re super absorbent and I had a ton of them which you really need for the first few days of potty training.

Secondly, if you’re planning on having more babies, keep them to use as burp cloths.

Again, because they’re so absorbent they do really well at soaking up all the spills.

I also like that they’re larger (and cheaper!) than most burp cloths out there, so they tend to work a lot better.

That’s the beauty of cloth diapering. You save so much money because they can be resold, reused and also repurposed!

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