50 + of the Best Christmas Activities for Toddlers

December 1, 2018
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Christmas activities for toddlers are such fun! In fact, some of my fondest memories of childhood are the fun Christmas crafts that we’d do together.

They weren’t elaborate or even costly, but they made the season special and it was time spent together as a family.

Below are over 50 toddler Christmas activities that you can go through and choose for your own child.

Some of them will require more adult assistance than others, but they’re all fairly simple and fun to put together.

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Toddler Craft Supplies

It’ll make it super easy to put together multiple activities if you have these items on hand at home.

Toddler Christmas Activities

Easy DIY Ornaments: A 5 Minute Family Tradition

Have your toddler make a special ornament using different colored paint.

Gingerbread Slime - Easy Christmas Slime Recipe (Without Borax!)

Photo Credit: crayonsandcravings.com

What toddler doesn't like slime?! I think it is so cute to put a Christmas spin on it.

How to Craft A Holy Family Nativity Set

Photo Credit: christiancamppro.com

Having a nativity set was one of my favorite memories of Christmas from when I was a kid. Help your toddler to make their own with simple things you probably already have around the house.

Stuffing Stockings Fine Motor Activity

Photo Credit: www.teach-me-mommy.com

Your toddler will LOVE "helping" Santa stuff stockings while they undertake this fine motor activity.

Easy Christmas Wreath

Photo Credit: www.teach-me-mommy.com

This activity will require your assistance, but how cute is this simple wreath?

Christmas Ornament that Toddlers Can Help Make

Photo Credit: swoodsonsays.com

Your toddler can let their creativity shine while creating this cute Christmas ornament.

Reindeer Ornament Craft for Kids

Photo Credit: www.thatfitfam.com

Simple and sweet, these reindeer ornaments are the perfect craft for toddlers this Christmas.

Christmas Cookies to Make With Kids

Photo Credit: brooklynfarmgirl.com

YUM! I love that these cookies are simple enough so that your toddler can easily assist with baking them.

Paper Ornament Craft for Preschoolers

Photo Credit: www.glitteronadime.com

This activity couldn't be easier to put together. It would even be a fun gift for your toddler to give to their grandparents.

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap – Cookie Cutter Prints

Photo Credit: www.glitteronadime.com

This is one of my favorite ways to involve my kids in gift-giving. Have them decorate the wrapping paper!

Christmas Tree Print Making for Kids (Featuring Bubble Wrap!) – The Salty Mamas

Photo Credit: thesaltymamas.com

If you're getting lots of packages in the mail during the holiday season, why not put the bubble wrap to good use with this clever Christmas activity.

Low-Prep, High Fun-Holiday Playdough Activities for Toddlers – The Salty Mamas

Photo Credit: thesaltymamas.com

Playdoh is cheap and easy to put together. Don't pass by this simple activity for your toddler.

3 Simple Toddler Learning Games to Try with Your Felt Toddler Christmas Tree

Photo Credit: julesandco.net

Here's a great list of activity ideas to do using a felt Christmas tree.

20+ DIY Christmas Popsicle Ornament Crafts For Kids

Photo Credit: simplemomproject.com

If you're looking for a bunch of different ways to use the same supplies then you need to check out this post.

Quick & Easy A is for Angel Door Hanger Christmas Bible Story Art for Little Kids

Photo Credit: www.thekeeperofthememories.com

I love that this is both educational AND fun!

Decorate a Christmas Tree Sensory Bag for Babies

Photo Credit: viewsfromastepstool.com

Create entertainment and a sensory activity for your child all in one.

Candy Cane Patterns - FREE Printable

Photo Credit: thisreadingmama.com

You can use these candy cane patterns to come up with lots of different activity ideas.

Scrunched Paper Christmas Trees

Photo Credit: www.craftsonsea.co.uk

How fun is this Christmas tree decorating activity? It'll be a good distraction for those toddlers that are overly obsessed with rearranging the ornaments on the real tree.

Grinch Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Photo Credit: simplytodaylife.com

I LOVED the grinch movie as a child (I still do, honestly) so this looks like a really fun craft!

Build a Photo Christmas Tree for Babies & Toddlers

Photo Credit: www.toddlerapproved.com

How sweet to have photos of loved ones on a tree for your toddler? Especially if you have family that live far away.

Christmas Tubes

Photo Credit: happytoddlerplaytime.com

This is a perfect sensory activity for your little one that is also Christmas themed.

Ornament Sorting: Holiday Math Activity

Photo Credit: busytoddler.com

I mean...if they're gonna touch the ornaments, why not put them to work sorting them out?

Candy Cane Craft For Toddlers

Photo Credit: www.notimeforflashcards.com

Such a simple activity, but also so much fun.

Christmas Toss Game for Toddlers

Photo Credit: www.toddlerapproved.com

This is perfect for preschoolers especially!

Sparkly Snowflake Craft for Kids

Photo Credit: www.toddlerapproved.com

If you've got a kid that loves sparkles, this Christmas craft is going to be perfect for them.

Decorate a Gingerbread Man Art Activity for Kids

Photo Credit: funlearningforkids.com

This reminds me of pizza making because you've got a clean base with lots of different choices. Anyone else think the same way?...No...just me? Well, anyway, I think this is a great craft!

Christmas Playdough

Photo Credit: www.thebestideasforkids.com

How cute are these Christmas playdoh ideas for your toddler?

A Big Christmas Tree No-Mess Sensory Play Activity for Kids -

Photo Credit: alittlepinchofperfect.com

No mess always makes me click! Seriously though, this sensory activity is genius.

Holiday Pom Pom Push

Photo Credit: busytoddler.com

Toddlers love shoving things into boxes. This is a simple craft that will keep your little entertained for ages.

Handprint Christmas Tree – Christmas craft for kids or a DIY ornament

Photo Credit: www.easypeasyandfun.com

How sweet would this be as a gift for a grandparent?

Magnetic Tile Christmas Puzzles

Photo Credit: happytoddlerplaytime.com

We have a bunch of these at home so I think this is nothing short of genius!

Magnetic Christmas Tree Activity

Photo Credit: www.iheartartsncrafts.com

Here's another clever tree decorating activity that'll really keep your toddler entertained.

Christmas Pom Pom Sensory Bin

Photo Credit: happytoddlerplaytime.com

If your toddler enjoys sensory play then this Christmas pom pom bin will be perfect.

Christmas Dot Sticker Trees

Photo Credit: busytoddler.com

This is ridiculously simple and easy to put together. And I mean...what toddler doesn't love to shove stickers all over everything?

Giant Gingerbread Man

Photo Credit: happytoddlerplaytime.com

How about making a gingerbread man the same size as your kid? This is a clever and fun Christmas activity for toddlers that isn't hard to put together at all.

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