Charlotte’s Infant Summary: 5 Months

March 22, 2019
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Charlotte is 5 months old and while it is exciting to be recording her 5 month routine and update, it is equally mindblowing.

Mostly because she is only a month away from being half a year old and I just cannot fathom how that time has passed by so quickly.

I mean, I know that she’s not such a tiny little baby anymore, but so much of me sees her as still basically being a newborn.

I guess that’s why the youngest children in a family are notoriously always known as the ‘baby’.

In comparison to her older siblings she just seems so little.

Anyway, enough waffling because quite a bit happened this month and then a lot also stayed the same.

Baby yawning

5 Month Baby Schedule & Update:


In Charlotte’s 4 month update I shared that we had very recently moved to a 4-hour feeding schedule and subsequent sleep routine.

We continued with that throughout this month and she’s done really well with it.

She drinks 180-200ml (6-7oz) every four hours and guzzles her bottles down in around 10 minutes.

It is such a far cry from the feeding battles that we struggled with for several weeks.

Being a more experienced mom I knew that this day would come and that feedings wouldn’t be difficult forever.

I am still very relieved that it is an enjoyable process instead of how stressful it used to be.

Babies sleeping
Cup of coffee

Starting Solids

We also started solids this month!

I actually didn’t have any intention of doing so, but went ahead with it for a couple of reasons.

First of all, she seemed hungry but she spits up so much that I wasn’t all that keen to up her milk intake.

I felt as though she would end up really uncomfortable and just spit up half the bottle anyway.

Secondly, she IS SUCH a spilly baby. I mean, all of my babies have had reflux to varying degrees, but she is by far the worst.

I look forward to the day where I’m not changing her sheets 2-3 times every day.

So, I thought adding solids in wouldn’t hurt and might, in fact, help with the reflux issues.

5 month old baby with food on her face

We’re just doing purees at this stage. She’s had a variety of fruits and vegetables and so far hasn’t refused a thing.

She isn’t quite adept at holding things and putting them to her mouth just yet, but once she is I’ll set her up in the highchair with some finger foods to try out.

She loves food and hasn’t had any negative reactions to anything thus far. I was surprised at how ready she was for them.

Charlotte opens her mouth in anticipation for every bite and will whine if you don’t get it to her fast enough.

She had been waking at the 45-minute mark during her naps but since starting solids that has reduced significantly.

5 Month Old Baby Routine

We continued with the same 4-hour routine that we began last month and it was pretty wonderful. I’ve just added in the times that we give her solid food.

  • 7:00 Desired wake time
  • 8:30 Nap
  • 11 Feed
  • 12 Solids
  • 12:30 Nap
  • 3:00 Feed
  • 4 Solids
  • 4:30 Nap
  • 5:30 Cuddle Time
  • 6:30 Bath
  • 6:45 Bottle
  • 7:00 Bedtime
Charlotte's Infant Summary: 4 Months
Baby on tummy

Wake Time

I dug out our old Jolly Jumper for Charlotte this month.

I wasn’t sure that she would be strong enough to support herself in it just yet, but I thought that it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.

She took a little while to warm up to it, but now she really enjoys it.

It is a great option for when she’s feeling frustrated at not being able to move the way she’d like to.

We don’t have a ton of baby play equipment, but the Jolly Jumper is something that all three of my babies have made good use of.

Charlotte has never really loved being on her back. Perhaps it is because of the reflux, I’m not sure.

Regardless, this month I worked to try and get her to feel content on her back, at least for short periods of time.

Preschooler reading to 5 month old baby

So far so good. She will tolerate it for a while but eventually wants to be on her tummy.

For the most part, she is happy and content during her wake time. However, as is normal, she does get fussy near the end and just wants to be held.

She loves watching her older siblings play and that is often all she wants for entertainment.


We haven’t really had any major sleep problems at 5 months old. She’s taking 3 naps (2 full naps and a cat nap) and then sleeps another 12 hours overnight.

The 4-month sleep regression wasn’t really a thing for us.

Once we started Charlotte on solids her naps improved. Although, she does still wake and cry intermittently for up to 10 minutes in the middle of some naps.

She always goes back to sleep though, and doesn’t tend to get too worked up. I’m fairly sure this is due to the fact that we began sleep training from just about day one.

Although, the issue we are now facing is her getting wedged in corners or other uncomfortable places because she can move around so much!

Night time sleep has been brilliant. I actually can’t remember the last time that I had to get up to her in the night.

She’s almost always in bed by 7 pm and most mornings I have to wake her at 7 am.

We’re going to be switching daylight savings time at the end of April so I’m hoping I can just gently shift her wake time later in the morning starting a few weeks beforehand.

Brother reading to 5 month old sister


Charlotte isn’t crawling but she is managing to get herself around all the same.

She can roll both ways, although going from back to tummy is a newly aquired skill that she’s still perfecting.

She did it the earliest out of all my babies and I think it’s because she is always craning her neck to follow her siblings around the room.

She planks all the time and is getting up on all fours and rocking.

Annie was doing the same at her age.

Charlotte babbles and ‘talks’ a lot now. She’s mastered saying ‘dadadadada’.

I predict that she’ll be crawling by 7-months even if it is just army crawling.

5 month old baby girl


Aside from introducing solids, we didn’t really undertake any other significant transitions this month.

As far as what the difference will be between Charlotte’s 5 month baby schedule and her sixth month. Well, I’m sure over the course of the next month her wake times will require some increase and we will potentially drop the third nap as a result.

I don’t love this time period because of the fussiness that comes with it, but once she’s on a 2-nap routine life will be fairly consistent for a good few months.

Until next time!

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