Charlotte’s Infant Summary: 4 Months

February 18, 2019
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I haven’t wrapped my head around the fact that Charlotte is already 4 months old.

Phew! What a month! There were so many changes and transitions.

To be honest, I had preempted all of that but it was still a bit of a rollercoaster.

There were wonder weeks and growth spurts which made things interesting. But, Charlotte also grew and developed so much!

Keep on reading to find out what her routine looks like now and how we transitioned to it.

Baby girl on tummy


Charlotte’s feedings went up and down and then up again. She’s definitely gotten much better at taking her bottles without getting fussy.

The feeding aversion that she previously had seems to have completely disappeared.

The only time when we tend to have issues is when she is a bit overtired. A tired and hungry baby is not a pleasant combination.

As you can imagine, there are times when she is overly tired come bedtime. If that’s the case I have to be very patient with her feed.

She fusses and pulls away but then cries because she’s actually hungry.

Once she’s gotten a little bit into her belly she tends to settle a bit better and be able to finish the bottle.

However, I have to make sure we’re in a quiet room with little to no distractions.

Charlotte's Infant Summary: 4 Months

This isn’t always easily accomplished when there are two rather noisy older siblings in the house.

As far as the number of feedings goes at 4 months, we are now down to four.

So yep, we dropped two!

First of, all we dropped the dream feed. I lessened the amount I was giving her every two nights until we were down to just an oz and then I dropped it altogether.

She surprised me with how well she did.

There were a few mornings where she would stir around 5 am, but she always got herself back to sleep and then I usually had to wake her in the morning.

The most recent change was that we moved from 5 day feeds to 4. She was typically taking only half of her late-afternoon bottle so I figured she was ready for it.

We only made the transition a few days ago but so far she seems to be doing well.

She takes between 150-180ml (5-6oz) per bottle.

Charlotte's Infant Summary: 4 Months


Charlotte’s routine changed twice during the month. I’ll share the first one that she was on, and then the one that she’s now on at 4 months.

  • 6:30 Desired wake time
  • 7:15 Nap
  • 10:00 Feed
  • 11:15 Nap
  • 1:00 Feed
  • 2:15 Nap
  • 4:00 Feed
  • 5:15 Nap
  • 5:45 Cuddle Time
  • 6:15 Bath
  • 6:30 Feed
  • 7:00 Bedtime

Schedule at 4 months:

  • 7:00 Desired wake time
  • 8:30 Nap
  • 11 Feed
  • 12:30 Nap
  • 3:00 Feed
  • 4:30 Nap
  • 5:30 Cuddle Time
  • 6:30 Bath
  • 6:45 Bottle
  • 7:00 Bedtime

Charlotte's Infant Summary: 4 Months

So yes, Charlotte is now on a dream of a 4-hour schedule. Many say to wait until they can do 2-hours of wake time because otherwise, they’re sleeping too much during the day.

Charlotte has higher sleep needs and the naps during the day haven’t affected her night sleep at all, so it is working for us.

It also means that all 3 kids are now napping/having rest time for 2 hours during the day. I’ve been working hard launching my second blog so having the extra time has been amazing!

Read –> How to Make Sure Your Kids Nap at the Same Time

Wake Time

This month was pretty challenging in regards to wake times.

Charlotte was super fussy and demanded that she be held for a lot of the time she was awake.

I love cuddling with her, but it just wasn’t practical to do it all the time.

Since switching her to the 4-hour schedule she is much happier during wake times and I’m wondering if she just wanted to sleep a little longer than she was.

Jack and Annie are so good at entertaining her and she loves them to bits.

Charlotte's Infant Summary: 4 Months

Generally speaking, she gets rotated from lying on her back to her tummy, and then into the bouncer or my arms.

This month I’m planning on buying her a Jolly Jumper. Both of my older children loved using one of them and I’m thinking that Charlotte is almost ready for it.


I can’t complain about Charlotte’s sleep. She usually sleeps a solid 12-hours overnight without a peep until morning.

Her naps are usually okay but she does wake often at the 45-minute mark.

She does always go back to sleep, but she will cry for about 5-10 minutes before she does.

I hate hearing it but I also know that it would be foolish to get her up because she isn’t actually finished sleeping.

If she sounds really upset then I’ll go in and rub her back a little. This will usually settle her down and she’ll go back to sleep.

Charlotte's Infant Summary: 4 Months


At 4 months Charlotte is so far out of the newborn stage. We’re starting to see her little personality come through and she gets so animated just looking at the world around her.

She rolled over from tummy to back this month and is working on rolling the opposite way as well.

She laughs often and we’ve officially found her ‘tickle spot’.

Shane is always the one that can make her laugh the hardest.

Charlotte can move around so much even when she isn’t rolling. I’ll lay her on her back and come back to find her facing the opposite direction.

She’s also well and truly discovered her thumb this month.

I’ve never had a thumb-sucker before and it’s so gorgeous!

Sometimes I’ll hear her stir in the wee hours of the morning but then she finds her thumb and goes back to sleep until I get her up at 7.

Charlotte's Infant Summary: 4 Months


For the time being, I don’t think that we’ll be working on any more transitions. She’ll be settling into the 4-hour schedule and I imagine that’s the one we’ll be using for some time.

I’m not sure when we’ll introduce solids to her. I don’t feel the need to just yet and we’ve got a couple of months before it’s required.

She does spit up terribly and I have a washing pile to show for it.

I don’t want her to grow up any faster than she already is, but the stage of spitting up is one that I won’t mind saying goodbye to.

Until next time!

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