• What the True Purpose of Discipline Should Be

    What the True Purpose of Discipline Should Be

    September 28, 2018

    Why do you discipline your children? Or, do you? Personally, I believe that discipline is essential when it comes to raising children. However, the purpose behind it can vary from family to family. Many who are anti-discipline see it as a tool that is used to shame and punish children. For us, this is not…

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  • When to Start Discipline & How to Do It

    When to Start Discipline & How to Do It

    September 21, 2018

    I grew up as the eldest kid in both my family and the circle of friends that we socialised with. As a result, I was able to take note of the many ways that parents raised their children. Each family had their own unique method of disciplining their children. One thing that they all had…

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  • How We Handle Screaming Fits

    How We Handle Screaming Fits With Our 3 Year Old

    September 14, 2018

    Our daughter is insanely well behaved. She is very mature. She is also very passionate, and very strong-willed. And she’s three and a half. Put that all together and we get the occasional screaming fit. These screaming fits are what I can only describe as passion rages of hers. She seems to need to get…

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  • 4 Things You Need To Know About Disciplining Toddlers

    April 18, 2018

    Disciplining. Ugh. It is the part of parenting that I like the least. However, it is so vitally important. So many behaviours are learnt, and therefore it is imperative that parents teach their children what is, and what is not acceptable. This is a service both to the child and to the rest of society.…

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  • How To Stop Your Toddler Running Off

    March 12, 2018

    There’s nothing that stops your heart like the moment you see your child dart away from you when you’re in town. There are so many dangers that possibly await them. I know what that’s like. When my second child was born, my eldest was 18-months old. I did have a double stroller, but it wasn’t…

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  • How To Have Balance With Toddler Discipline

    February 12, 2018

    How to have balance with toddler discipline is something that many parents struggle with. Some believe children have the right to express themselves, while others believe in firm and immovable boundaries. I believe there’s a balance between the two. For instance, when Jack has a meltdown (not a tantrum) I let him cry his heart…

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