• unhappy baby refusing bottle

    Baby Refusing Bottle: What You Need to Know About Bottle-Feeding Aversion

    May 23, 2019

    Help! Baby refusing bottle… So much stress all in one little phrase. And I’ve been there. The place where you’re worried sick because your baby just. won’t. drink. You’ve tried different bottles, different positions, different times, different EVERYTHING. And nothing, NOTHING is working to get your baby to drink. No matter what you try, every…

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  • crying teething baby

    What to Do When Baby is Teething

    May 10, 2019

    What to do When Baby is Teething. Ugh. Teething. I swear it’s the devil. Seriously. Dealing with a teething baby is one of the worst parts of parenting. Right up there next to potty training, seriously. Actually it’s worse than potty training. Because at least with potty training you go through it ONCE and then…

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  • Cloth Diaper Stash | Alva Baby Diaper Cover Review

    May 6, 2019

    We have used both Alva baby diapers (AI2’s) and Alva baby diaper covers. In this post I’m going to share my thoughts on both and whether or not I recommend them to you. We started our journey with cloth diapers (I don’t like using that phrase, but it’s the best I can come up with at…

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  • Baby Items: 7 Clever Ways to Save Your Cash

    Baby Items: 7 Clever Ways to Save Your Cash

    November 30, 2018

    Knowing how to budget well and the ways to save money on baby items is really valuable as you prepare for the arrival of your baby. This post originally appeared on The Chronicles of a Babywise Mom. Want to know how not to spend a fortune on a new baby? This is the list for…

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  • The Top 5 Reasons Your Baby Might Be Crying

    The Top 5 Reasons Your Baby Might Be Crying

    October 31, 2018

    This post originally appeared on The Journey of Parenthood. Babies cry. Some cry a lot, some cry barely at all, and some fit right in between. The reality is though, that ALL babies cry to some extent. It is their only means of communication. As a mama, those cries tug at your heart. I never…

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  • The Wonder Weeks: What You Need to Know About Them

    The Wonder Weeks: What You Need to Know About Them

    August 24, 2018

    If you want a quick overview of the wonder weeks then I’ve inserted a wonder weeks chart a little further down. Just scroll to find it, otherwise, keep reading! Have you heard of wonder weeks? You may be wondering things like: What happens during wonder weeks? Can wonder weeks start early and what does leap…

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  • What To Do When You Have A Clingy Baby

    June 6, 2018

    I used to think that people with clingy babies were doing something wrong…until I had one. My first was never super clingy except for the odd occasion. My second, on the other hand, was a mama’s girl from day one. The first year of her life it felt like she was attached to me at…

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  • How To Approach and Survive The Witching Hour

    March 26, 2018

    There are some parts of the newborn phase that are just plain challenging. The witching hour is one of them. While it is hard, the attitude you have towards it can really impact the level of difficulty that you’re faced with. It is okay to admit it is hard and unpleasant, but it is also…

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  • 3 Really Hard Newborn Things That Won't Last Forever

    3 Really Hard Newborn Things That Won’t Last Forever

    January 31, 2018

    The newborn stage is so beautiful. You have a brand new baby that is soft and squishy. They’re generally very sleepy and are happy to be held all day (and night!) long. Read –> These 5 Things will Help Your Baby Sleep For the first couple of days after the birth of your child, you…

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  • 5 Newborn Essentials That Will Save Your Sanity

    November 1, 2017

    Those first few weeks of having a newborn are filled with all manner of feelings and emotions. Parents are often pushed to the brink mentally, physically, and emotionally. Anything to make that time easier is well appreciated and so that is why I have put together my 5 newborn essentials that will save your sanity:…

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