10 of the Best Potty Training Seats

September 4, 2019
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When it comes to potty training seats, you could be forgiven for thinking they’re all the same.

The truth is that there are many to choose from and that can be entirely overwhelming.

To keep things simple and easy to get through, I’ve put together 10 of the best potty training seats and highlighted which one is the best value for money.

Potty training is stressful in and of itself so it is really great when you have the right equipment to make the whole job easier.

You’ll find a table below with a short overview of each potty seat, but if you keep scrolling you can read a more in-depth description of the products.

Best potty training seats

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What You Want In a Good Potty Training Seat:

Before you go ahead and purchase a potty seat for your toddler, it is a good idea to know what key things to look for.

As a mom that has potty trained two children, these are the things that will really make a difference to the whole experience.

  • Easy to clean – First and foremost, whichever potty seat you choose needs to be easy to clean. If you decide to go with a conventional potty as opposed to a potty seat for the toilet, pick one that has a removable liner so that you can easily clean it out.
  • Sturdy – For some toddlers, potty training can be really scary. The last thing you want is for them to have a mishap and end up falling or hurting themselves. Be sure to choose a potty seat that has anti-slip material so that your child feels secure.
  • Easy to store – Whether you have just the one child or several, you’re going to want the potty seat to be easy to store. You likely won’t have it in use all the time, and if you have multiple children, you’ll probably want to store it away for when you train your younger children.
  • Good quality – There are some cutesy potty seats out there, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the right seat for your child. It is a good idea to stay away from padded, character-themed seats that will wear over time, and instead go for something more practical.

Best Potty Training Seats

Spuddies Spuddies Potty with Ladder

  • Promotes independence
  • No clean up required
  • Anti-slip
  • Foldable for easy storage

Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat

  • Portable
  • Anti-slip
  • Designed for easy storage
  • Anti-splash guard


Potette Portable Potty

  • Portable
  • 3-1 Potty system
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Use at home or on the go

Jool Baby Potty Training Seat

  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-slip
  • Comes with hook for storage

Built-In Potty Training Seat

  • Easy to install
  • Promote independence
  • Magnets to lift seat
  • Adult & Toddler combo

Ikea Potty

  • Affordable
  • Simple Design
  • Anti-slip
  • High splash-guard

BabyBjorn Smart Potty

  • Compact
  • Removable Liner
  • Anti-slip
  • Comfortable contoured design

Contours Bravo 3-1 Potty System

  • 3-1 Potty System
  • Grows with your child
  • Anti-slip
  • Super high splash-guard

Summer Infant My Size Potty

  • Fosters independence
  • Flip-up seat
  • Removable liner
  • Built-in wipes storage

Oxo Tot Potty Chair

  • High back for comfort
  • Removable liner
  • Splash-guard
  • Anti-slip

Best Potty Training Seat with Ladder

#1 Spuddies Spuddies Potty with Ladder

While you may wish to skip a small potty chair entirely, it is also just a fact that many toddlers won’t be able to get to the big toilet on their own without your assistance.

That is unless you choose a ladder potty chair like this one.

The most obvious pro of this seat is that your child will be able to independently use the toilet and you won’t have to be cleaning out a potty chair.

It is also foldable which is perfect for when it isn’t in use and you need to store it away.

It has an anti-skid base so that your child is able to use it safely without risk of hurting themselves, and it will fit most standard American toilets.

Best Potty Seat with Handles

#2 Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat

There is nothing worse than losing your toddler’s confidence with potty training because of a mishap with a potty seat sliding around.

That is not going to happen with the Munchkin Sturdy potty seat.

It is specifically designed to sit firmly on the toilet so that your toddler can be seated safely. It has non-skid edges for that purpose.

The handles add a sense of security for your child so that they don’t feel as though they are going to fall.

Plus, this is technically also a portable potty seat, so you could take it with you when you travel so that your child can just use regular toilets.

The potty seat has comfortable contouring so that your toddler is seated securely, plus it is designed to store nicely standing up.

Best Portable Potty Seat

#3 Potette Portable Potty

If you’re wanting a portable potty seat that literally does it all…then this is it.

The Potette can be used as a portable potty, a regular potty for at home, or as a potty seat for the toilet.

The adjustable legs can be locked into place to make it a standard potty, or you can have them open to the side in order to use it on a regular toilet.

You can use disposable liners inside the tray so that you can discard the contents easily.

Plus, the tray is foldable and easy to travel with. The whole thing folds together and becomes easy to store both at home and on the go.

This particular listing is a bundle deal, so you’ll really get your money’s worth.

Best Potty Seat for Toilet

#4 Jool Baby Potty Training Seat

This potty seat will fit most standard toilets. It has a comfortable design and will fit securely with no sliding around.

It is super simple to use and lightweight so that your child will be able to put it on the toilet themselves.

The potty seat comes with a hook that you can use to store the seat when it is not in use.

#5 Built-In Potty Training Seat

If you have an older toddler or just wish to skip a conventional potty altogether, then this is exactly the kind of potty seat that you want to get.

We’ve personally had one of these for the past couple of years and it has been absolutely brilliant for our two kids.

You can switch your regular toilet seat out with this one which has a built-in toddler potty seat.

One of the best features are the magnets that automatically pull up the toddler seat so that you don’t have to be lifting it every time.

Having the toddler seat permanently attached eliminates the need to have to store a seat elsewhere.

It is simple to install and simple to use.

Best Standard Potty Seats

#6 Ikea Potty

If you simply want the basic functions of a potty chair without all the frills (and cost *this one is under $10) then the Ikea potty is a perfect option.

Easy to empty and clean, with anti-slip material on the base to stop it from moving around, it’ll do everything you need it to.

We used a similar one with both of our now potty trained children and found it more than adequate for getting the job done.

#7 BabyBjorn Smart Potty

You’ll find that this is a very popular potty seat option among moms. For good reason, too!

The inner potty seat makes it super easy to clean out without having to go to an awful lot of effort.

The design is soft and comfortable for your toddler to use and it won’t take up a lot of space in your home.

It has anti-slip edging so your toddler has security when sitting and there’s a helpful anti-splash guard to help prevent spills.

It comes in several different colors so you can choose the one that you or your toddler prefers.

#8 Contours Bravo 3-1 Potty System

This clever potty system grows with your toddler and is especially great for moms of boys due to the extra high splash guard.

You can use it as a standard potty chair then transition to using it as a potty seat for the toilet.

At that point, the base of the potty chair converts into a stepping stool making it easier for your child to use the toilet independently.

This potty chair also has a removable tray making it super practical (and easy!) to keep clean.

When it comes time for your toddler to transition to using it as a potty seat for the toilet, you’ll be thankful that the stepping stool is anti-slip so that your child avoids any risk of falling.

#9 Summer Infant My Size Potty

Toddler’s LOVE to be big kids which is why this potty seat is perfect for your little one.

The Summer Infant potty seat is highly recommended by many moms out there (check out the ratings HERE).

While it works like a regular potty chair, it looks and feels like a standard toilet.

Ther inner liner can be removed for easy clean up which makes it very practical.

There are three unique features on this potty. First is a handle for your toddler to “flush” as a reward for successfully using the potty.

Second is a built-in area to keep wipes to make clean up easy.

Finally, there is a flip-up lid so that your son can practice using the potty just as he would the toilet.

There is also a clip-on splash guard.

Overall, it is a very clever system designed to help toddlers learn and get through this potty training transition.

It is worth checking out and I’ve seen it for under $30 which is a great deal!

#10 Oxo Tot Potty Chair

This potty chair has a high back making it super comfortable for your toddler.

It is also easy to clean with its removable tray, which has handles on either side to make removing it a non-issue.

It comes in various different colors and has anti-slip material on the base to prevent it from moving around when in use.

It also has a splash-guard on the front to avoid any unnecessary mess.

Other Helpful Potty Training Supplies:

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