10 of the Best Potty Training Books to Get Your Toddler Excited

October 30, 2019
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I’ve put together a list of the 10 best potty training books I could find so that you can really help your toddler to get excited about potty training.

The reality is that potty training can be a scary time for both parent and child. There’s a lot of things that aren’t in your control and you have no idea how long the process may take.

Children can really feed off of our feelings and emotions, so it is wise to do your best to try and make potty training a positive experience for them…no matter how stressful it might be for you.

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Prepping to Potty Train Your Child

You can read more about how to prep for potty training in this post, but the simple truth is that potty training often requires more mental prep than anything else.

That means that you have to be prepared to go into it knowing that it will likely be rough, but that it is worth all the effort.

You also need to be aware that you will have to really pay attention to the needs of your child. Every child is different and one potty training method will not work for all.

That’s why there are a variety of potty training books below. You can choose which one will suit the needs and personality of your child the best.

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How to Help Your Child Get Ready to Potty Train

There’s not actually a lot that you need to do in order to help prepare your child for potty training.

Often, putting too much emphasis on a big transition such as this can result in your child becoming stressed over something they shouldn’t.

For that reason, keep it lighthearted and don’t put too much emphasis on it.

Reading books to them before you begin the process is a really helpful way of introducing them to the concept without putting any pressure on them.

It will become an idea that they’re used to and not so foreign when it is time to begin the actual process.

Take a look at the great books that are on offer and if you scroll to the end, you’ll see our top 3 recommended potty training methods for parents to use.

The Best Potty Training Books for Toddlers

#1 Potty

This book is a super popular option. It is a board book so you can be assured that it will stand up to rough toddler handling.

It promises lots of humor and encourages interaction throughout the story with your child.

The storyline will go through the introduction of the potty right through to the child independently using it and feeling accomplished.

#2 P is for Potty

If you have a kid that loves Elmo, then this book is sure to be a hit.

It is fun and interactive with over 30 lift-the-flaps to open throughout the story.

This book is not just great for prepping your child for potty training, but also wonderful for getting them to actually sit on the potty for a length of time.

They’ll be distracted by the lift-the-flaps and it will help them to stay put for longer.

#3 Potty Superhero: Get Ready for Big Boy Pants!

We personally used this book with our son when he was potty training and he loved it!

It has a great positive approach to potty training and will encourage your child’s independence.

The storyline is fun and entertaining and works great for prepping your child for the big transition.

It also has thick board pages so is perfect for toddlers.

#4 Potty Book for Girls

This book is a lovely and gentle introduction to the concept of potty training. Written specifically with girls in mind, it follows along with the story of a little girl who gets a potty as a gift.

Written in verse, it is a fun and sweet way to introduce potty training to your child.

#5 The Potty Train

Is your child interested in trains? This lovely book will play into that while also introducing your child to potty training.

Full of fun and colorful illustrations, your child can follow along on the potty train adventure. The story will help to teach them what to do when they need to go, but in a fun and lighthearted way.

#6 Everybody Potties (I Can Do It)

It does the job and does it in a fun way. This simple rhyming story is a really fun way to prepare your toddler to potty train.

The story is catchy and relates well to toddlers which is a pretty important thing to consider.

#7 A Potty for Me!

My kids LOVE books that have flaps to lift and play with. This book has that and a great story to boot!

It follows the journey of a toddler learning to use the potty and all the things that happen along the way.

#8 Potty Superhero: Get Ready for Big Girl Pants!

Beautifully illustrated, this book will draw your toddler into the imaginative world of being a superhero.

Within the pages, you’ll find encouragement for your toddler to use the potty as they follow along with the story. It also has thick board book pages making it super durable.

#9 Daniel Goes to the Potty

Is your toddler an avid Daniel Tiger fan? If so, this book is a perfect choice!

Your little one will love the story of Daniel learning about potty training. Not only that, but the story will also teach your toddler right along with Daniel.

#10 Where’s the Poop?

Another fun lift-the-flap book, this story is fun and humorous. It reinforces the concept of potty training while also keeping things fun and light-hearted.

The reviews show many happy parents that have found it useful during the potty training process.

The Best Potty Training Books for Parents

#1 Oh Crap! Potty Training

This potty training method is parent-led but also holds high respect for the child. You’ll enjoy it if you like simple and clear instructions that also allows the parent to be flexible according to the needs of your child.

You’ll find this method gives lots of guidelines and troubleshooting advice. Plus, it is very honest in terms of what to expect and how long the potty training process will take.

#2 Potty Training in 3 Days

If you’re on more of a time crunch or just don’t want to drag out the process of potty training, this could be the right book for you.

It is a practical and detailed guide to help you introduce going to the potty to your toddler. You’ll find instructions on what to do, how to get to know your child, and coping tips (cause potty training is HARD).

#3 Easy Peasy Potty Training

This is a great book for parents looking for easy solutions to potty training. It is for the parent that is just starting out, or for the parent that has started by it isn’t going as planned.

This is a full and comprehensive guide that will equip you with everything you need to know about potty training your child.

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