September 24, 2019
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What are the benefits of homeschooling? What is it that makes parents pull their kids out of traditional school and start teaching them from home?

Or, perhaps you wonder about parents like myself that aren’t going to send their children to school at all but instead homeschool right from the start.

Technically, we haven’t begun homeschooling yet and won’t do so until 2020 when our eldest turns 5.

However, I was homeschooled from age 11-graduation and certainly reaped the benefits.

Now as a parent looking to homeschool my own children, there has been much research.

I’ve always known without a doubt that I would homeschool my own children, but the benefits of doing so have only increased since doing more research.

Perhaps you’re doing your own research right now or maybe you’re just curious. Whatever the reason…there are many compelling benefits that I’ve listed below.

Just know that this is by no means an exhaustive list. These are just some of the main reasons that we have chosen to homeschool our children.

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** Just a little disclaimer before we delve into some of the many positive reasons to homeschool – For many homeschooling parents (myself included) the decision to homeschool is usually backed by some pretty strong beliefs. Sometimes when sharing those it can come across as judgemental of others.
Please know that this is not at all the case. I do not have the time nor the inclination to pay attention to how others choose to raise their children (I’m too busy raising my own)!
Please, understand that the opinions that are expressed are personal opinions that have dictated the decisions that we’ve made for OUR children and not instruction about what you should be doing for yours. **

22 Compelling Reasons to Homeschool

As mentioned above, this is by no means an exhaustive list of all the positive reasons to consider homeschooling.

However, they are the ones that are some of the most important to our family.

#1 Time with Your Kids

Recently I’ve been seeing all the first day of school pictures on Instagram. They’re so sweet and there are so many mixed emotions for parents.

Personally, I’ve been really grateful that we’re not going to have to face that day where I start sending my little one off to school for hours at a time.

As a mom, I feel a strong calling to be the number one person in my child’s life on a daily basis. No matter which way you look at it, school takes up a large portion of the day.

Homeschooling allows you to have the time with your children that you really desire.

You get to make memories and spend quality time together instead of trying to cram that all into limited hours.

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#2 Creating a Firm Foundation

While some parents may choose to homeschool out of fear, that is not the case for us.

We believe that our children are in the hands of the Lord and that He loves us vastly more than we do.

However, there is a responsibility on the part of a parent to guard their children against certain outside influences that may prove to be detrimental.

I’m not talking about bubble wrapping your kids. Children need to learn how to be resilient and not to retreat in the face of conflict.

However, there are certain situations that a 5-year old shouldn’t have to deal with.

There are also topics that are just not age-appropriate.

I love that homeschooling allows parents to choose when their children are educated about certain subjects.

Not only that, but you get to lay a firm foundation upon which they’ll be able to stand when they do have to face difficult circumstances and situations.

#3 Custom Curriculum

Being able to create a custom curriculum for your child wasn’t something that I really saw the beauty in until I started to prepare to homeschool.

There is so much beautiful curriculum out there and the fact that we get to pick and choose which curriculum will work best for our child is a gift in and of itself.

It is incredibly empowering both for the teacher and also for the child.

toddler using chalkboard

#4 More Playtime

It is a known fact that children (especially young children) do their best learning through play.

Their minds need not be laden with bookwork and the like in order for them to learn.

Homeschooling is flexible enough that your child is going to have the opportunity to fit a lot more playtime in.

In fact, what’s especially great about it is if your child is struggling to concentrate, you can give them a break instead of being tied to a scheduled recess.

When I was homeschooled as a child it was rare for our schoolwork to go past 1 PM. That meant that the rest of the day was spent playing – usually outside.

#5 True Socialisation

If you’ve been homeschooled or are homeschooling your own children I will be shocked if you’ve never been asked about “socialising”.

It is quite possibly the number one question that homeschoolers get quizzed on.

I mean…how on earth can you foster healthy social skills when you don’t attend school?

Here’s the thing. Putting a group of children of the same age all together for hours on end is not true socialisation.

Sure, they socialise, but it is only with their peers.

True socialisation involves developing social skills with ALL age groups.

(You can read all about it here.)

That is why homeschooling provides true socialisation opportunities. In many cases, there are siblings that are varying ages and homeschool groups that get together made up of different aged children as well.

Are some homeschooled kids lacking social skills? Sure, maybe. But I’ve also met public schooled kids that are the same.

siblings painting fence

#6 Stronger Sibling Bond

Homeschooling allows siblings to spend that much more time with each other. They will get more opportunities to work through conflicts and disagreements, but they’ll also become each other’s best friends.

I know this to be true because I experienced it myself.

Plus, there’s a benefit to older children because they often get the opportunity of teaching their younger siblings in a natural group setting.

#7 Character Building for Mom

Often times when I mention that we’re planning to homeschool I get a response along the lines of, “Oh, I could never do that. I just don’t have the patience.”.

Well, you know what? Neither do I.

However, I KNOW without a doubt that homeschooling is the right choice for our children. For that reason, I’m more than willing to do some character building in order to give my children what I believe is best for them.

Is homeschooling going to be easy? No.

Are there going to be times where we fight and need some space from one another? Sure.

However, I believe that the chance to grow as a mom is a wonderful opportunity and instead of focusing on all the reasons why I may fail at this, it is better to focus on what a growth opportunity it is.

Character building is hard, but if I expect my children to do it, I should also be willing to do it myself.

clock on the wall

#8 Flexible Schedule

Want to take your kids on vacation when all the other kids are in school? You can totally do that with homeschooling.

I know of parents who choose to do lessons in the evening so that they can enjoy the prime hours of the day outside and doing fun stuff as a family.

The point is that homeschooling allows for a lot more flexibility which can be incredibly freeing.

#9 Fosters Independent Learning

Did you know that homeschooled kids tend to thrive in college?

The transition from homeschooling to college is something that many people often question.

Here’s the thing though…college learning is vastly different from school in that it is mostly made up of independent learning.

This is why homeschooled kids tend to thrive. They’ve already learnt the art of being self-driven and independent learners.

#10 You Get the Credit

This is something that I just thought of the other day.

While I truly do appreciate teachers and all that they do, I also love that when my child learns to read it’ll be me that’ll get the credit.

How cool is that?

The fact that you get to teach your child to read and write and learn arithmetic.

#11 Staying in Tune with Your Kids

In a time when life just seems to get busier and busier being able to have an easier time of staying in tune with your kids is a huge benefit of homeschooling.

There isn’t as much guesswork as to what is bothering them because you know what influences are in their day. You know the kids they’re hanging out with.

homeschool preschool activity

#12 Self-paced Learning

The beauty of being able to teach your own children includes the ability to allow them to learn at their own pace.

They may fly through maths but struggle with language arts. That’s totally okay.

You as the parent can then help them to learn at their own pace so that they can really grasp important concepts without the pressure of having to be at a certain point at a certain age.

#13 Flexible Learning Styles

We all learn in different ways which makes homeschooling ideal.

I think this is particularly great now when we have so much access to learning resources via the internet.

If your child is struggling to grasp a concept via a worksheet, you can do a quick Google search to see if there is a video that explains it.

You’re also able to take advantage of activities for your children that like to learn in more of a hands-on way.

#14 More Time to Do Extracurriculars

Because homeschooled children aren’t tied down to the same schedule as traditional schools, it leaves them with a lot more time and opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities.

This can even extend to jobs in the high school years.

I was teaching piano from around age 15.

Reading one of the benefits of homeschooling

#15 More Reading Time

Reading wholesome books to your children is one of the best things that you can do in regard to extending their vocabulary.

Homeschooling allows families to do a whole lot more of that.

Even though we haven’t officially started homeschooling yet, I do read aloud from a chapter book to my children for about 15-20 minutes every morning as they’re having their breakfast.

One of my favourite memories of being homeschooled was of my mother reading aloud to us every morning.

It was great getting lost in a story every morning and then the subsequent discussions we had together as a family.

#16 Family Bond

I know that a fear of many parents is that by homeschooling their children it will ultimately result in some form of resentment and that the relationship will be ruined.

While this may be true in some cases, I can testify from my own experience and from other homeschooled children, that the opposite is true.

My mother homeschooled all four of her children and we are a very tight-knit family.

If anything, the fact that my mother sacrificed so much to homeschool us just makes me appreciate and love her all the more.

Homeschooling provides more opportunities to bond with your children in meaningful ways without feeling rushed to get it done within a certain timeframe.

mom spending time with son

#17 Real-Life Situations & Learning

As with the true socialisation that homeschooling offers, real-life learning happens as well.

So much of what is taught in schools is just irrelevant or completely out of touch when it comes to the real world.

As a homeschooling parent, you’re much more able to provide real-life learning situations for your children so that they can put the theory that they’ve learnt into practice.

#18 Fewer Distractions & Time Wasting

Life is full of distractions, but homeschooling definitely has fewer than traditional schools.

Simply due to having fewer students it means for less waiting around and wasting time.

This ultimately results in higher productivity levels.

#19 Time to Dissect

While I’m definitely not an “unschooling” homeschooler, I do love that homeschooling allows children to really dig deep and explore subjects that they’re interested in.

We all learn much faster and better overall when we’re keenly interested in a subject.

Homeschooling allows parents to aid their children in exploring their interests because there is the time to do so.

#20 No Homework

Technically all school work is homework for homeschooled kids, but the point is that there is nothing “leftover” to do.

All work is completed without having to do extra in order to keep up. In fact, in many cases, homeschoolers finish up their school day by lunchtime simply because there are fewer distractions and wasted time.

#21 You Can Encourage an Enquiring Mind

I don’t want to raise conspiracy theorists, but I do want my children to not just blindly follow the crowd or some figurehead just because everyone else is doing it.

Homeschooling means that we can foster an independent and enquiring mind in our children so that they can seek and discover truth for themselves.

#22 Less Comparison

There is such a thing as healthy competition, but oftentimes it can be damaging.

Homeschooling provides the opportunity for your child to grow confident in who they are and how they were made.

There’s no need for them to feel as though they should be reaching certain goals just because their peers are.

Why are More Parents Homeschooling?

As you can see above, there are a multitude of reasons for why more parents are choosing to homeschool.

Whether it be for academic reasons, social concerns, or just the pure benefits of homeschooling, it is becoming an increasingly popular way of educating children.

Personally, I also believe it is because homeschooling is not such a taboo subject anymore. With the introduction of social media, the topic is being discussed far more openly than it has ever been.

For that reason, many parents are able to see that it isn’t as “weird” as it has previously been labelled and that you don’t have to have a PhD in order to be able to give your children a wholesome and comprehensive education.

homeschooled siblings

Our Top Reasons for Homeschooling

We have always intended to homeschool our children. In fact, it was something my husband and I discussed while we were still dating.

Our personal reasons for homeschooling are:

#1 Having the Most Influence Over Our Children

Neither my husband nor myself felt comfortable with the idea that someone else would be instructing and teaching our children for a large portion of their day.

The other concern is that education has definitely reached farther than just academics and now also includes social issues.

While we don’t intend to shelter our children or keep them in a bubble, we also want to be able to filter what they are being taught so that it is age-appropriate and factual.

#2 Time

To be totally honest, the first reason I listed is our main reason for homeschooling, however, this is a close second.

Our children are with us for such a short time in the scheme of things. I couldn’t face the thought of waving goodbye to them every morning and missing out of 6 hours of their day.

Spending time with my children is a huge drawcard of homeschooling.

#3 Teaching

I personally love teaching. I’m not a qualified teacher, but I have taught in many different settings in the past.

The idea of being able to teach my own children and see them learn and grow is something I count as a privilege.

As far as I’m concerned, teaching my children academics is just an extension of parenting.

I’ve potty trained them, taught them to obey, taught them table manners, and many other life skills. Teaching them to read and write just seems like a natural continuation of that.

There are many other reasons, but at this point, those are our three top contenders.

It will be interesting to look back on this, years from now and see how things have changed.

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