Annie’s September 2018 Summary (23 Months)

October 17, 2018
Annie's September 2018 Summary (23 Months)

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Well gosh, September was not a month for the faint-hearted. It was just crazy and it flew by because of it. Half of the month wasn’t even spent at home, and then the second half was spent wishing to get out of the house!

Annie had it rough. She was so ill for a couple of weeks. However, she also grew like a weed and is blowing us all away with vocabulary.

She’s totally in ‘big girl’ territory now.

*this post contains affiliate links

Routine and Summary for a 23-Month Old || Find out Annie's routine and summary for the month of September. #toddlers #parenting #routine #sleep #babywise #toddlerwise

23 Month Old Toddler Update & Routine || Find out Annie's routine and summary for the month of September. #toddlers #parenting #routine #sleep #babywise #toddlerwise

Toddler Routine at 23-Months || Find out Annie's routine and summary for the month of September. #toddlers #parenting #routine #sleep #babywise #toddlerwise

Toddler Routine

No changes this month.

  • 7 DWT
  • 7:30/8 Breakfast
  • 9-10:15 Independent Playtime
  • 10:30 Snack
  • 11:30 Lunch
  • 12:30-3 Nap
  • 3 Snack
  • 5/5:30 Dinner
  • 6:30/7 Bed

Off to Nana’s

So, to start off the month of September, both of the children actually went to stay with my parents. I wasn’t well at all. The doctor’s orders were to rest and I think most people would understand that having the responsibility of two toddlers for the vast majority of the day does not allow a person much time for rest.

Honestly, it wasn’t even a choice at that point. I needed help. So, my mum came and picked up the children on Monday and took them back to her house until Friday.

Thankfully, the children both did really well. Annie loved spending time with her grandparents, aunts, and great-grandfather. This is something I’m so thankful for as I grew up on the other side of the world from my family.

The children came back home for a couple of nights, but then Shane was off to a week-long work conference so I went back to my parent’s house with both children.

The kids did just fine. We tried our best to stick to our regular routine and Annie didn’t seem phased at all.

However, nearing the end of the week her behaviour began to go downhill. She was clingy and cried so much. I thought it was her canines coming in. That could have played a part, but on Saturday I noticed she had discharge coming from one eye and that only meant one thing…


Annie's September 2018 Summary (23 Months)


I’m still not entirely sure what the kids ended up getting sick with. Annie was sick for an entire week before Jack picked it up.

She definitely got it the worst out of the two of them. Her eyes have always been ultra sensitive, and conjunctivitis made her utterly miserable.

She was congested and perhaps a little feverish, but other than that, it was difficult to tell what was bothering her. Her eyes got really bad and even with antibiotic ointment, they took almost 2 weeks to clear up completely. I felt awful for her.

Her two top canines still aren’t all the way through, but one of them has broken the skin.


One thing I am always grateful for is how brilliant of a sleeper Annie is. I know that personality plays into these things and she has definitely been the easier of my two when it comes to teaching great sleep habits.

Read –> How to Have a Good Sleeper in Spite of Personality

Even when she’s sick, Annie sleeps well. I didn’t have to get up to her during the night at all and she napped really well during the day. I let her nap longer than usual while she was unwell and it didn’t affect her nights sleep at all.

The only thing was that she woke up crying from her naps most days, but I think that was mostly due to her eyes hurting.

Annie's September 2018 Summary (23 Months)


I can’t say that I noticed a difference in her eating habits during September, despite all the upheaval.

She was completely spoilt while we stayed with my parents, but she’s not one to gorge on sweet things. She’ll just stop eating once she’s satisfied.


Over the month of September Annie turned into quite the chatterbox. Words that were once difficult to decipher have become clear and understandable.

She finally learnt how to say both her name and her brother’s name clearly. Now I often hear, “No, JACK!” being yelled from one corner of the house or another.

She also loves to point out all the different family members and name them off whenever there are photos around.

Having her vocabulary increase as well as become easier to understand has made life easier for everyone. Yes, it’s exhausting by the end of the day to have yet another child constantly having talked to me, but it makes for fewer tantrums and frustration overall.

Potty Training

Potty training was very up and down this month. I ended up buying her some panties for while we were at my parent’s house.

We took the potty along and encouraged her to use it but didn’t make a massive deal out of it. To be honest, her facial expressions when using the potty are hilarious and kept us all well amused.

However, when she got sick I really eased off because it was just too much for her to handle. She was so miserable that I didn’t feel as though it was fair to try and continue.

Now that she’s over her sickness we’re back to taking a very casual approach to it all. The weather is heating up here so most afternoons I have her going commando with just a skirt on. It keeps her covered while at the same time makes it easy for her to use the potty if she needs to.

Annie's September 2018 Summary (23 Months)


Annie has become even more obsessed with playdoh and colouring in. She asks to do one or the other multiple times a day. I love watching her lying on her tummy on the floor with her ankles crisscrossed in the air while colouring a picture.

It is too cute!

Because she was so ill for the second half of September she spent a lot of it glued to me. I could sometimes get her to play independently for a while, but it didn’t happen often.

She also totally resisted independent playtime for a bit, but once she was well we persevered with that and she’s gone back to doing it without much of a protest.

Tantrums & Discipline

I think most people would understand that given the circumstances of the month a few more tantrums than normal were to be expected. However, I’m starting to crack down on things a bit.

You know how there’s the baby of the family and they seem to get away with a lot more? I understand why now. It’s because your older child/ren just seem so much older. However, this month I realised that I was letting Annie get away with all sorts!

So, I’ve started being more intentional, especially when it comes to obedience. She’s learnt to say the word ‘no’ with loud and proud defiance and that is something that we’ve been working to move away from.

I’ve actually been surprised and how much comprehension she has and how willing her little heart is to change its attitude with some basic correction.

With her little sister due any day now it’s something that I’m glad to see improving!

Annie's September 2018 Summary (23 Months)


From the day she was born Annie has been all about accessories. She’s forever draping things around her neck or pinching people’s shoes to try on.

It’s adorable.

This month I put her hair into a ponytail (a ridiculous looking one at that) and she was obsessed! Now, her day cannot begin properly unless she has a bow (pony) in her hair. Thankfully she mostly stays still while I put one in otherwise I’m sure I wouldn’t be so thrilled.

Her hair is still very thin and soft so we’ve just been using thin elastics and they work really well.

Until next time!

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