Annie’s August 2018 Summary (22 Months)

September 5, 2018
Annie's August 2018 Summary (22 Months)

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She’s almost two, guys!

My tiny baby girl who was born just yesterday (or so it seems) is creeping up to her second birthday. I’m usually excited when my children are approaching new milestones, but I haven’t quite been able to get my head around this one.

Perhaps it’s because her baby sister’s due date is not long after her birthday. And let’s be honest, I’m very focused on reaching that date. This pregnancy has been a killer!

Routine and Update For a 22-Month Old || Find out how things are going in this update. How is potty training going? #parenting #toddlers #toddler #toddlerroutine #motherhood #routines

August 2018 Summary: Routine and Update For a 22-Month Old || Find out how things are going in this update. How is potty training going? #parenting #toddlers #toddler #toddlerroutine #motherhood #routines

22 Month Old: Update + Starting to Potty Train? || Find out how things are going in this update. How is potty training going? #parenting #toddlers #toddler #toddlerroutine #motherhood #routines

So, the time has sped by and now I find myself with a very vocal and gorgeous little girl. She grew up a lot over the past month.

This is Annie’s August summary.

*this post contains affiliate links

Toddler Routine

No changes this month.

  • 7 DWT
  • 7:30/8 Breakfast
  • 9-10:15 Independent Playtime
  • 10:30 Snack
  • 11:30 Lunch
  • 12:30-3 Nap
  • 3 Snack
  • 5/5:30 Dinner
  • 6:30/7 Bed


Oddly enough, we had a few days where she didn’t nap the normal length of time that she does. She woke crying and then played in her crib until I came and got her.

For the record, she does sleep in a big kid’s bed for nighttime sleep. However, for naps, she’s in a portacot (or pack n’ play) in my bedroom.

It’s because neither of my children would nap decently if I had them in their room together. So, I separate them, and I put Annie in a crib because my room is not babyproofed.

Besides a few nap disruptions, sleep was generally the same. Annie’s bedtime is 7 pm, but she usually takes a while to fall asleep. During that time she sings and talks to herself. It’s rare that she’s still awake past 8 pm.

I’m not sure what time she would naturally wake in the morning. Because the children share a room I never know which one of them is up first. Regardless, once one is awake the other soon follows suit.

I usually hear them sometime between 6-7 am, but they don’t leave their room until their Gro Clock shows it’s time to get up at 7.

Annie's August 2018 Summary (22 Months)


My little girl is constantly astounding people with the amount of food she is capable of consuming.

She is relentless!

If there’s food around you’ll often see her pointing and asking “mine?”. I can’t complain though because she eats well and isn’t nearly as picky as her big brother.

However, one habit that we’ve had to get on top of is her pinching her brother’s food. Seriously.

If he leaves his unattended for any longer than a second, she’ll get herself up into his chair and start tucking in. Needless to say, this has resulted in some pretty heated arguments between the two of them.

Even if Jack was finished with his meal, he isn’t always keen on his sister taking over.

Annie's August 2018 Summary (22 Months)


This month we noticed that Annie is stringing sentences together.

Generally speaking, it is only a couple of words like “daddy’s shoes” or something like that. However, they can be longer except that also makes them a little less easy to understand.

I’m not sure that she talks any less than her older brother did at her age, but I’ve definitely noticed that her annunciation isn’t as clear as his was.

Regardless, she’s a little parrot at the moment. We often hear her echoing something that we’ve said. She is so proud when she manages to repeat what we say.

Her favourite words are people’s names. Mummy, Daddy, Nana, Papa, Baby. She says them over and over again.

Potty Training

Okay, so last month I talked a bit about how I had noticed that Annie was very aware of when she needs to go to the toilet.

So much of successful potty training actually comes down to the readiness of the parent –> How to Mentally Prepare for Potty Training

I also said that I wasn’t ready to start potty training her.

However, she’s SO ready. So we have kind of started in a really impromptu and casual way. There was just one evening after she had finished her bath that I decided to leave her diaper off and see how she went.

I put the potty in the lounge and just left her commando with and shirt on.

Guys…she went in the potty. Twice.

In fact, the day following I was in my bedroom folding washing when she came running in saying ‘wees! wees!’. I was just like, oh no…….

And then I was flabbergasted.

She had taken off her diaper and gone wees in the potty all on her own. Like, what the heck?!

Jack took months and months of training to get things sorted and here was my little girl doing it mostly all on her own.

Annie's August 2018 Summary (22 Months)

It just proves that potty training really is unique for each child. We started potty training Jack at the exact same age as Annie and he was far more challenging.

I’m glad I’ve had both experiences so that I can be more empathetic to other parents.

Anyway, I’m still not formally potty training her. I always take her to the toilet whenever I’m getting her changed or in and out of the bath. More often than not she will go.

On the days that I have the energy, I leave her diaper off and put a skirt on her. She has had a few accidents, but they’re usually when she can’t get to the potty quick enough. All I hear is “Oh no! Wees!”.

She also runs to the toilet every time she hears it flush and says “Bye wees!”. It’s hilarious and very cute.

My plan is to continue with our casual approach and then this summer I’ll be more vigilant as it’ll be easier with the warmer weather and me not being pregnant and huge.


We actually had a lot of rain during the month of August.

I’m not opposed to kids getting wet and I’ll often send mine out if the weather isn’t too drastic. However, the rain we’ve had has been torrential and freezing, so outdoor play hasn’t always been a viable option.

Annie has loved playing with playdoh. She makes ‘cakes’ and ‘sausages’ for me to ‘eat’. Generally speaking, she’ll copy whatever Jack is doing. However, she will also play on her own quite happily for a decent amount of time.

Another favourite of hers has been sidewalk chalk. She loves that she can draw just about wherever she wasnts outside. We’ve just had to work on establishing the rule that chalk is not for inside…specifically my walls.

When we have been stuck inside, I’ve encouraged her to colour in her colouring books instead. I only have washable crayons so I’m not worried about having to supervise too closely.

We also bought the children their own table and chair set. I had been wanting to get one for ages, but had trouble finding one I liked that wasn’t a fortune. Plus, I wanted to wait until our new carpets had been laid.


Okay, so I’m usually fairly aware of when my kids might be getting new teeth. I try to be sensitive to the discomfort that they’re in. However, once they’ve moved past the baby stage I’m really bad at this.

Annie was so emotional over the month of August.

She has always been someone to wear her heart on her sleeve, but it was driving me bonkers. And then one day I realised that she was cutting two new teeth. It explained a lot and made me a little more patient and understanding with her.

It was a month of growth a development for sure. Not long now and she’ll be a big sister. I’m so looking forward to watching that transition take place. I know that she is going to be wonderful!

Until next time!

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