About Me

Hey friends! This is me. I’m not sure what you all are like, but I always love reading the ‘about’ section on someone’s blog. I’m nosey like that. So here’s mine…

I’m 25. I’m wife to an amazing man. I’m also mama to two children. They are both under two years old (for a little while still anyway), and they are 18 months apart. My eldest is Jack, and my daughter is Annie. I stay at home with them, but before all this marriage and children business, I was a registered nurse.

I’m proud to say I’m a true girly girl. I love pretty things. I love making things beautiful. I also love to talk, ha! There’s not much that can beat a cup of tea, and a chat with a friend. That’s what I want this blog to be like. I want you to feel like you’re having a good chat. We can talk about anything and everything!

One thing that has shaped me, and so many of my core beliefs, is my faith. I’m not ashamed to share that I’m a born-again believer. I’m passionate about my Saviour, and what He’s done for me.

As far as this parenting business goes…I’m doing my best. But, to be completely honest, so much of it is guess work. Implementing things, and then praying it works out. It’s a roller coaster, but it’s also amazing!

Anyway, if you’re still nosey (like me), then you can find out even more about me by visiting this page. Also, please join in on the fun on my Facebook page and Instagram. I also have a Youtube channel, where I post videos at least twice a week. Stick around friend, I’d love to have you here!