A Thoughtful + Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

April 20, 2018

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I‘m not huge into the commercialism of Mother’s Day. Perhaps it is because my love language is ‘acts of service’. On Mother’s Day, I would much prefer a small gift and then not have to work for the rest of the day. In fact, I’d forego the gift altogether if it meant not having to feed anyone or clean up after them. I love my job as a mother, but it is so nice to have a break every now and again. However, I do still like gifts if they are thoughtful. Each one of these suggestions is something that I have personally used and loved. They are all about self-care and making life a little easier.

*this post contains affiliate links

A Thoughtful + Affordable Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018 | Finding the right gift for your mother (or mother of your children) can be challenging. This gift guide contains hand picked products that have been personally tested and loved. #mothersday #giftguide #affordable

1. Lush Gift Box

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a hot bubble bath. I love any product from Lush. They leave me feeling pampered in the comfort of my own home.

2. Devotional

As a mother of young children, the simple fact of the matter is that my mind is tired 24/7. I miss getting deep into bible studies, but I also know that this is just a season and one day I will be able to return to them. In the meantime, I love the beautiful words of wisdom that are found in this devotional. With a daily Scripture and a short reading, it is perfect for providing the encouragement you need to get through the day.

3. Planner

I’ve done a full review of the Mom On The Go Planner. This is my second year using it, and I’m still hooked. It is beautiful and so well put together. Not to mention how affordable it is!

4. Pretty Mug

Coffee, tea? What’s your beverage? I’m a tea drinker myself and I can’t go past a pretty mug. I don’t know what it is that gets me, but it just feels that much nicer to drink out of a nice mug – especially one that pays you compliments.

5. Encouraging Book

If you’re looking for a gift for a mama in the midst of raising young children, then this book is one I highly recommend! Becky Thompson is a phenomenal writer that has a God-given ability to just ‘know’ what you need to hear. The words in this book are both challenging and uplifting at the same time. Perfect for the weary mama doing her best to keep everything together.

I wish all you mamas out there a very happy Mother’s Day! May you be made to feel like the queen you are.

Until next time!


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