These 5 Things Will Help Your Baby Sleep

February 5, 2018
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I’m not a veteran mama by any stretch of the imagination, but now that I’m two kids into this motherhood gig, I’ve found some essential items that greatly help with getting my kids to sleep, and to sleep well.

Today I’m sharing those products with you, as well as a couple of extra tips that really will help big time!

5 Things that Will Help Your Baby Sleep || Find out what useful things to have on hand to get your baby to sleep and sleep well. #baby #babies #parenting #motherhood #sleep #babysleep #babyproducts
These 5 Things Will Help Your Baby Sleep || Find out what useful things to have on hand to get your baby to sleep and sleep well. #baby #babies #parenting #motherhood #sleep #babysleep #babyproducts

1) Swaddle

The vast majority of newborns sleep much better being swaddled.

There is the odd exception, of course, but even if your baby seems to not like being swaddled, I would recommend persisting.

The startle reflex that they’re born with can really be disturbing to their sleep, so a nice tight swaddle is just the thing for helping them feel secure and warm.

Not only that but for me, it helps to know that they’re the right temperature and that it’ll remain that way throughout the night.

Below are some of my favs. 🙂

2) Sleep Sack

Blankets in the crib before age one are a no-no.

But how to do make sure your babe is not too hot and not too cold without one?

Well, truth be told, my kids don’t stay under their blankets until more like age 2 anyway. In the meantime, the answer is a sleep sack.

These are probably one of my favourite baby sleep products. It makes life so much easier for everyone.

You can get them for all seasons and they go up to fairly big sizes.

Some people worry that their children won’t be able to sleep well without one if it were taken away.

In my experience, this has never been an issue. However, we also have never used them for day sleeps, just for overnight.

So, if you’re worried at all I would recommend going down that route.

These 5 Things Will Help Your Baby Sleep
These 5 Things Will Help Your Baby Sleep | Find out what awesome baby items there are for getting your baby to go to sleep and stay asleep. #babysleep #babyproducts

3) White Noise


White noise of some kind is a MUST in any busy household.

Even if your household isn’t busy it is great for masking all of those little noises that may just wake your baby. It means you and the rest of your household don’t have to creep around everywhere.

It is also great for helping your baby get into a nice deep sleep and stay that way until they are well rested.

If you have an old phone that you’re not using then you can download a white noise app (THIS is the one we use), otherwise, there are some great white noise machines that you can also purchase.

I actually find that I also sleep better when my kids have their white noise going.

When it isn’t on, I hear every single little tiny grunt and noise that they make. That just keeps me up and makes me lose sleep over nothing.

4) Black Out Blinds

Having a darkened room can make all the difference to your child’s sleep, especially when it comes to early waking.

Y’know, those 5 am starts? Ugh.

We have blackout roller blinds and then blackout curtains in both of our children’s bedrooms. As well as helping darken the room, they also help with temperature control.

5) A Monitor

Pick whichever one you want.

We’ve got video monitors like the ones below in both our children’s rooms. They have an intercom option, which is awesome for our toddler, and we can listen if we need to.

Because our home is on the small side we haven’t really needed an audio option, however, I did use THIS one when Annie was really little.

Now, the monitor doesn’t directly help your baby sleep better, but it does prevent parents from running in and potentially waking them when they hear a little noise.

I love having a monitor because it means I can check on my babies sleeping without the risk of waking them up.

While all of these products will be immensely helpful in getting your baby to sleep and sleep well, they won’t be of much use if your baby isn’t being taught healthy sleep habits, to begin with.

These 5 Things Will Help Your Baby Sleep

The Fundamentals

Two of my favourite resources are Moms on Call and Babywise:

And then there’s the hot topic of sleep training. Personally, I love it and have utilised it with both of my children with great results!

If you’re a bit unsure or just want some more information then check out this post –> A Simple Explanation of What Sleep Training Actually Is

What are your baby sleep must-haves?

We used the paci for the first 3-4 months of our babies lives, but they both lost interest at that point.

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