5 Newborn Essentials That Will Save Your Sanity

Those first few weeks of having a newborn are filled with all manner of feelings and emotions. Parents are often pushed to the brink mentally, physically, and emotionally. Anything to make that time easier is well appreciated and so that is why I have put together my 5 newborn essentials that will save your sanity:

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1. A Portable Sleeping Area

Having the option to move your newborn around to wherever is convenient is SO helpful! We had a portable bassinet for both children and I used that thing so much. It was also very handy for if we needed to visit friends and I needed to put the baby down for a nap because we could just bring it with us. 🙂

2. Burp Cloths

Whether you have a spilly baby or not, you will love having lots of burp cloths. Take the number of burp cloths that you think you’ll need and then times that by two. They come in handy for a myriad of things and you won’t ever regret having a decent stash. You can find my favourites HERE.

3. Pacifier/Dummy/Soother

I know people are dead against them, and I get it…I used to be one of those people. However, I’ve actually used pacifiers for both of my children and both of them lost interest around the 4-5 month mark. I loved having them for the witching hour and any other time they were unsettled. Also, if they woke mid-nap I could often get my newborns back to sleep with just a simple paci insert. Set your standards as to when and how often you’ll use the pacifier and then go from there. If you’re wondering which ones to pick (because there are SO MANY) then I can recommend these ones and these ones because they were the ones my kids used a lot. 🙂

4. Swaddles

Babies can often be difficult to settle in those early days-weeks. Learning how to wrap them up firmly in a nice swaddle can help immensely. You can either go with the traditional swaddle, or use fitted ones. I’ve got a list of my die-hard favourites HERE.

5. Onesies/Sleepers

No matter what time of year your baby is born, you’re gonna want a BUNCH of onesies and sleepers. Depending on your climate you can decide if you want long-sleeve or short sleeve, but trust me when I say these will be your best friend.

Those are my top 5 essentials, but for a full and comprehensive list of everything you’ll need pre and post baby, check out THIS page!

Share with me what your newborn essentials are down in the comments below. 🙂

Until next time!

5 Newborn Essentials That Will Save Your Sanity | Becoming a new parent can be somewhat daunting. These 5 things can help make life easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

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