4 Week Pregnancy Update!

April 24, 2018
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Friends! Here is my 4 week pregnancy update and my first pregnancy update with our third baby.

At least I think it is my 4 week pregnancy update going off of the dates that I believe are correct.

Our first dating scan will help to confirm things.

I did this with Annie as well, but only via video updates. Be sure to watch the above video for a link to those if you care to go back and watch.

Otherwise, here’s a summary of my 4th week of pregnancy.

4 Week Pregnancy Update Baby Number Three || Read all about how mom and baby are doing at 4 weeks gestation. Learn about common pregnancy symptoms during this time. #pregnancy #motherhood #baby
Week 4: Pregnancy Update || Read all about how mom and baby are doing at 4 weeks gestation. Learn about common pregnancy symptoms during this time. #pregnancy #motherhood #baby
4 Week Pregnancy Update: 3rd Baby || Read all about how mom and baby are doing at 4 weeks gestation. Learn about common pregnancy symptoms during this time. #pregnancy #motherhood #baby

4 Week Pregnancy Update:


Everything felt pretty much the same as it has from the moment I knew I was pregnant.

I knew I was pregnant before the tests even started to show positive. It was as though I was just waiting for a line to appear.

I honestly would have been shocked if the test had come back negative.

I’m excited and a little anxious at times. I took another pregnancy test at 4 weeks, one day and it had darkened considerably since the one I took several days before that.

The first test I took was at 8 dpo (days past ovulation) and although I swear I could see a line, anyone else would have thought I was crazy.

4 Week Pregnancy Update

I took another the following day at 9 dpo and the line had darkened, but still looked just like a shadow.

By 10 dpo the line was finally dark enough for my husband to see (and not think I was crazy).

I’ve been majorly fatigued and have had breast tenderness. Otherwise, nothing else has really been worth mentioning.

I’m hoping to get in contact with a midwife this week and sort out things like antenatal bloods and a dating scan.

4 Week Pregnancy Update

Major Symptoms:

  • Fatigue

This was my ‘give away’ symptom before I even took a test. I was ready for bed at 9 pm two nights in a row and that was just not normal for me.

Pregnancy fatigue is so different from any other fatigue that I’ve ever experienced.

I remember feeling like I was super lazy when I was pregnant with my first. The truth was, I was just pregnant.

It is like you lose all of your motivation at the same time so you basically feel useless.

Sleep also doesn’t seem to do much for pregnancy fatigue. You could sleep 12 hours and still wake up tired.

It is just part of the process, however frustrating it might be.

  • Breast Tenderness

I don’t typically get any breast tenderness except for when I’m pregnant, so again this was (and continues to be) a telltale sign.

It has been super intense and painful. I’m already tempted to break out the comfy sports bras.

4 Week Pregnancy Update
  • Cramping

I hate this symptom because it makes me feel like my period is coming when in actual fact, it’s just the baby burrowing in and getting comfy. It really does mess with my head! I had cramping pretty much every day this week.

I have to talk myself out of the anxiety it causes.

No matter how many babies I’ve had, I still worry so much about losing one of them. I think it is just a mother’s instinct.

Minor Symptoms:

  • Bloating

Very very minor, but still worth noting, I think. Bloating was actually my first and most obvious symptom that I had with Jack (my eldest).

It is very normal to have a least some bloating during pregnancy, but it does tend to present itself a lot during the first trimester.

This is due to all the crazy hormone changes that your body is going through.

4 Week Pregnancy Update

Spreading the News

We haven’t really told anyone about the pregnancy just yet.

I’m very early on and although there’s always the fear of miscarriage, that is not my reason for keeping it quiet.

I think I just want to enjoy our little secret for a while longer.

However, I will be going to stay with my parents in the near future and I’ll have to share the news by then as I’m sure I’ll be experiencing morning sickness by that stage.

That’s it for my 4 week pregnancy update.

Until next time!

4 Weeks Pregnancy Update! | Early signs and symptoms during the 4th week of pregnancy. Find out what symptoms I had before my bfp! #pregnancy #pregnancyupdate #4weekspregnant

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