4 Fun and Amazing Books for Your Toddler Boy

I love books for many reasons. I always wanted to teach my children to have a love for them too. It fosters imagination and a myriad of other great things. And can I just say how absolutely AMAZING it is to watch your child use their imagination?! Jack is currently 2.5 years old and is as much a lover of books as he was when he was one. We’re always on the lookout for new books to add to our collection, so when the opportunity arose for us to review these 4 fun and amazing books, both Jack and I were super keen!

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(This is not a sponsored post, however, these books were sent to me in return for an honest and thorough review. Hence, all opinions are completely my own.)

The Books

Let’s be real here, you can write a gorgeous story for toddlers but unless the illustrations are great then it’ll fall flat. These books do not disappoint. They’re bright, beautiful, and perfect for capturing the attention of my busy little boy.

The story is long enough to establish a good plot but not so long that Jack lost interest. Plus, as was mentioned before, the pictures kept him pretty occupied. 🙂

4 Fun and Amazing Books For Your Toddler Boy | A collection of bright, colourful, and imaginative books for your little boy to spend his time reading. A fun way to encourage imagination and quiet play.

The Quality

Jack doesn’t intentionally destroy books, but he’s also not known for being gentle with things. I was relieved and happy to find that despite these being paperback books, they are great quality and super durable! I also like that they’re small enough to store easily.

The Stories

So, well-constructed with captivating storyline and imagery, what are these books actually about? Here’s a little blurb from the website about the author and the inspiration for the series:

“Chrissy Metge is a full time Mother, Author, Animation Producer and Creator of Duckling Publishing.  Her love for writing comes from her love for animation and the imaginary world.  Inspired by her nephew, Max and his Big Imagination was created.

Spurred on daily by how her son sees the world, book 2, 3 and 4 have followed!”

All four of the stories are based on the journies that Max’s imagination takes him on. I love that they are all different but have the same main character.

So, which is Jack’s favourite? He has always been obsessed with tractors and other big machinery, so he loves Max and His Big Imagination: The Sandpit. The fact that he also loves dinosaurs only reinforces this. 🙂

His second favourite is Max and His Big Imagination: The Race Car because his toothbrush has a red race car on it as well. 🙂

Max and His Big Imagination: The Beach and Max and His Big Imagination: The Safari are equally as delightful and I cannot recommend them enough!

If you have a son (or daughter) who loves adventure, animals, and fun then these are well worth investing in for your library. 🙂

What are your children’s favourite books? How do you find new and worthwhile books to add to your collection? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time!

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