35 Week Pregnancy Update: Dealing with Backache

October 1, 2018
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Can I just say how thankful I am that I have been feeling better mentally?

If that wasn’t the case then I have no idea how I would have coped with this week. It has been utterly hectic and so very trying. However, I think things are looking up and hopefully will get a little less challenging as we enter the month of October.

Most of my challenges this week didn’t even come from pregnancy, but keep reading to find out what went on.

35 Week Pregnancy Update: Dealing with Backache || Oh the joys of the final stages of pregnancy! Find out what the 35th week of pregnancy can be like. #babies #pregnancy #pregnancyupdate #motherhood #newborn

The Plague!

I can be somewhat dramatic at times. If not outwardly, then at the very least in the way that I think.

One of the things that I never really thought about when it came to having a family was sickness and how you cope with it. Thankfully, I haven’t personally fallen ill (yet), but every other member of our family has.

It began with Annie last week and I mentioned in the last update how challenging that was. She was ill and then has been cutting her top canines all at the same time. The combination of the two turned my drama queen into a crazy diva. Poor thing.

On Saturday Jack started up with the same thing. On Sunday night I was awake most of the night with him as he had a croupy cough. He is a champ when he’s sick though, so despite the lack of sleep, he was still easy to care for.

And then on Wednesday Shane was hit hard with some nasty virus that is going around his workplace. The poor guy has had a rip-roaring painful throat and is just wiped out.

So, I’m over here heavily pregnant and praying to God that I don’t pick up any of the nasties that my fellow family members are carrying around. It’s like having the plague in town and wondering if you’re safe or if it’s gonna hit you next.

35 Week Pregnancy Update: Dealing with Backache

Mental Health

As you can imagine, it has been difficult having everyone ill and essentially caring for them all on my own. I’m so thankful that I am in a much healthier mental state than I was just a few weeks ago.

However, it doesn’t mean that the week was faultless in that regard. There were a couple of nights (one in particular) where I just couldn’t fall asleep. I put it down to anxiety.

I was thinking about all the worst case scenarios and they weren’t even remotely related to what is going on in our life now. My thoughts were racing and I really struggled to get them to calm down so that I could sleep.

What didn’t help the situation was that I was just so physically uncomfortable. Finding just the right position to sleep in is a challenge these days. I need to be elevated enough so that I can breathe, and then I have to sleep on one side or the other. However, I have to turn frequently or else my hip starts to ache and my leg goes numb.

Because of all the discomfort, it means falling asleep is that much more challenging. Prayer helps and also trying my best to think about positive things.

Yesterday, after a night of disturbed sleep, I ended up going and buying several postpartum supplies for myself. I realised that half of my anxiety was coming from the idea that I might go into labour while Shane was sick. Or, that I would get sick and then go into labour. I had no postpartum supplies so felt entirely unprepared.

It made sense to go out and get the few things that I needed so that I could just put those fears to bed.

Find my list for everything you need pre + post-baby here –> The Ultimate Collection of Pre + Post Baby Checklists

35 Week Pregnancy Update: Dealing with Backache

Pre-Labour Signs

Really, in this department, everything has stayed fairly the same this week. The baby still feels low. Although, for the first time ever in all my pregnancies, I’ve actually felt rib kicks. Neither of my other two ever were that high.

Essentially, it feels as though she’s taking up every inch of space there is inside me.

I’m still getting that weird nerve pain from her being so low as well as lightening crotch when I try and walk anywhere.

I’ve had a few painful contractions here and there, but nothing consistent or concerning.

Back Pain

I’ve dealt with all sorts of pain during this pregnancy, including SPD. For some wonderful reason, the SPD seems to have settled significantly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still there, but it isn’t as debilitating as it once was.

Read –> How to Cope When You Have Painful Pregnancies

However, this week the niggling back pain that I’ve had for weeks got really bad. So bad in fact, that Shane took a half day on Monday because I couldn’t walk without a significant amount of pain.

It’s the same back pain I had when I was pregnant with Annie. It’s like a pinching feeling in my left lower back. I can’t tell you what kind of movement brings it on, only that it seems to get worse when I’ve been walking around a bit.

I went to the chiropractor today to have an adjustment, but I’m not sure that it has done much yet. I’ll be going for a follow-up appointment on Tuesday so we’ll see how I do between now and then.

35 Week Pregnancy Update: Dealing with Backache

The Nursery Reveal

It’s finished! Last weekend I worked hard to finish up the nursery. I just wanted it done and there really wasn’t much to sort.

If you’re interested in seeing how it turned out you can find the full reveal and tour here –> Beautiful, Bright & Airy: Girl’s Floral Nursery.

Midwife Appointment

My midwife came to see me last week and is now doing home visits, which is wonderful.

Earlier in my pregnancy, she had a student midwife with her and she was lovely. She’s now back again for another practicum and did a lot of the checks and tests for this week.

Generally speaking, everything looked great. The baby’s heart rate was strong and healthy and she’s measuring well within the normal range.

We chatted a bit and all seemed fine until I mentioned to my midwife that I had noticed some of the mucous plug coming away.

She raised her eyebrows a little and stated that we needed to keep an eye on things in that case. Honestly, I’m not worried and I don’t think the baby is coming just yet, but she did want me to come into the hospital quickly should I think I’m in labour.

Apparently, when babies are born before 36 weeks, they like to really control and slow down the birth in order to get as much fluid out of the baby’s lungs as possible. In other words, they will literally hold the baby inside you for as long as they can. Sounds fun, right?

It all makes sense, but gosh…I’m hanging out for that 37-week mark now!

Pregnancy Updates

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