33 Week Pregnancy Update: Counting Down the Days

September 17, 2018
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This week has been a bit of a funny one. I feel as though we’ve reached a point of just waiting.

Waiting for this little girl to arrive.

Waiting for the pregnancy to finally be over.

Thankfully, we’re mostly prepared. There are a few things that still need to be taken care of, but if she arrived now we could make it work without too much of a panic.

So, do I have any reason to expect her to arrive soon? Keep reading to find out.

33 Week Pregnancy Update: Counting Down the Days || What symptoms are here at 33 weeks? Find out in this week's pregnancy update. #pregnancy #pregnancyupdate #babies #motherhood #parenting #babyprep

A Work Trip

Shane had a work conference this week. We knew it was coming well in advance and had already planned for me to stay with my parents.

Shane knew I would be pretty stretched and exhausted by this point in the pregnancy and that was before all the health issues and drama that have come along. For that reason, he didn’t want me on my own with the children all week.

So, we’ve been at my parent’s house since Sunday and will be going home on Saturday. Remember, they had my children Mon-Fri last week, so I’m fairly certain that they will welcome the peace and quiet that will arrive once we depart!

It’s been difficult having Shane away. Not because I haven’t had plenty of help, but because I miss him. Whenever he goes away it always hits home exactly how much of a team we are. He’s my best friend.

I miss chatting with him in the evenings about all the things we plan and dream about together.

Thankfully, we’ll be together again really soon and shouldn’t have any real time apart until well after the baby arrives.

33 Week Pregnancy Update: Counting Down the Days

How Am I Feeling?


It’s the one word that sums up everything really. I’m tired almost all of the time. I think there was one day this week where I felt good, really good. I felt better than I have done in weeks. However, the rest of the time I’m just flat out exhausted and counting down until I can sleep again.

This week has been a little different in that I’ve been feeling almost ‘flu-like’. Or, more like pre-flu. You know that feeling when you’re coming down with something? You’re fatigued, have no motivation, and just feel achy. That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling most days.

Mental Health

Things haven’t been as bad as they were. However, I don’t think that is because the problem has gone away. I think it’s just that I’ve had the rest and help that I needed before.

Most days I can still feel the tears just there on the verge. It wouldn’t (and doesn’t) take much for them to overflow. I’ve been trying my best to recite the Scripture every morning that talks about this being the day that the Lord has made, to ‘rejoice and be glad in it’.

I know that it’s the depression that is stifling my usual zest for getting up and embracing the day. I’m usually a morning person, but at the moment I dread them. I don’t want to get up, I don’t want to get dressed, and I don’t want to face the day.

Of course, I do because I have to, but it’s an uphill battle.

At least I do have the advantage of having the insight into what is causing all the emotions that I’m feeling. It helps me to realise that it won’t be forever and therefore I don’t feel hopeless. I’m just impatient for it to be over.

Counting Down the Days

With all that said, I am counting down the days until this baby arrives. Whenever I’ve been through particularly challenging times I have always made a countdown of sorts. It helps me to compartmentalise and allows me to have small goals to reach for. That way I’m less inclined to be overwhelmed by the ‘neverending’ feeling of the season I am in.

So, we’re four weeks away from 37 weeks, which means only 4 weeks until we’re in the ‘safe zone’. Add 5 days to that and that is when Annie was born. My next goal is my due date. 3 days after that is when Jack arrived. And then I’ve also made a countdown up until 42 weeks.

She better not stay in there that long, but hey, it could happen.

Do I think she’ll come early? Yes, but exactly how early I’m not sure. At this point, I don’t think it’ll be before I reach term. Aside from the contractions I was having last week, I haven’t had any other pre-labour signs.

I took notes during my previous pregnancies and they both followed the same sort of pre-labour pattern, although just at different times.

I can assure you I’ll be on high alert for any signs of anything once I get close to 37 weeks.

Also, Annie’s 2nd birthday is just a couple of days after I hit term. I really want my kids to have their own birthdays and not have to share, so I’m praying that the 13th of October will belong to Annie and not her little sister!

33 Week Pregnancy Update: Counting Down the Days

The Midwife

I was hoping that I would have been able to include my midwife update in last week’s post, but she got delayed and was unable to make the time we had agreed upon. Totally not her fault and just the nature of the job.

I also remembered that September is particularly busy in the maternity unit (9 months after all the big holidays…).

Anyway, she did still come and see me last Friday and it was a good appointment. Everything checked out just fine. My blood pressure was low, so I’m sure that is what has been contributing to my fatigue and lightheadedness.

However, baby girl was active and had a fantastic heart rate.

So, my midwife isn’t concerned about anything at this stage. She did urge me to get checked out if the symptoms I was experiencing the previous weekend return. Also, she’s going to be doing visits to my house from now on so that I don’t have to drag my two rambunctious toddlers out with me.

That is a huge help in these last few weeks!

33 Week Pregnancy Update: Counting Down the Days

My Main Symptoms

Thankfully, the intense nausea I was experiencing last week has eased considerably. I still get it now and then, and my appetite has definitely decreased. However, I’m not struggling as much as I was.

I’ve upped my dose of Ranitidine to twice daily as my reflux was out of control and making me completely miserable. Thankfully, it has helped tremendously.

I’m tired all day every day and although I tend to sleep fairly well, I’m waking early in the mornings.

I haven’t been as lightheaded, but on Monday it was terrible all morning. To the point where I had to just lie down until I felt better.

And then there are just the general aches and pains. Surprisingly (and thankfully) my SPD actually seems better, or more manageable at least.

However, I can’t be on my feet much at all. The result is always a terribly sore back and lots of contractions. So, I typically spend a lot of time sitting down or leaning over my exercise ball.

This time next week I hope to have at least made a start on my hospital bag. We’re sorted for baby items (well, we still need diapers!) but I don’t really have any postpartum items for myself just yet.

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