30 Week Pregnancy Update: Nursery Sneak Peek!

August 27, 2018
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I have been a nesting mad woman this week!

Hence why I’m able to share a tiny little sneak peek of the nursery. It’s not much, mind you, but that’s because I’m saving it all for the nursery tour video that I’m planning.

Other than making lists upon lists of the things I want to do, it’s actually been a better week overall.

I’ll catch you up on all of that as well as how my midwife appointment went.

Just keep reading!

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Midwife Appointment

Now that I’m well into the 3rd trimester, my midwife appointments will be bi-weekly until I reach 36-weeks. At that point, they’ll be weekly until baby girl decides to grace us with her presence.

I had a list that I took with me this week because I wanted to make sure I covered everything that was concerning me.

We talked about the contractions I’ve been having (read more about that below), the swelling/pain I’ve had in my left leg, and most importantly my mental health concerns.

She also went over my blood test results from last week.

Thankfully, I passed the glucose tolerance test. And when I say thankfully, I mean I’m REALLY thankful.

I couldn’t imagine having to restrict my diet at the moment. I’m starving all of the time and eating far too much sugar.

I’m sure there will be people out there who judge, but this is my last pregnancy and I’ve got enough to stress about without making myself hangry on top of it all.

My iron and haemoglobin levels had dropped, however. That didn’t surprise me because I had been feeling really drained again, and I had experienced heart palpitations on a couple of occasions.

Read –> Iron-deficient Anaemia in Pregnancy

My levels are still within the normal range, but they had dropped for me. So, my midwife just asked me to start taking 2 pills instead of one.

Hopefully, that’ll keep my levels at a therapeutic range until the end of the pregnancy.

Mental Health

So, I spoke fairly extensively about the mental health struggles I’ve been experiencing.

You can find all of that in last week’s update –> 29 Week Pregnancy Update: Prenatal Depression?

I have had a better week, but I still wanted to talk to my midwife about it all and get a plan in place. She was really open and incredibly supportive.

We decided that the best course of action would be to send a referral through to the maternal mental health team. They should get in contact shortly and come around for a casual chat and assessment.

She did mention medication, but I don’t feel as though I’m at a stage that it is necessary just yet. However, I’m completely open to it should things escalate further.

Most importantly, I just want to be aware of triggers and if I’m getting worse. And I want to make sure that those around me are aware of it too.

This week, a prominent news reporter passed away after a battle with depression. It was so heartbreaking and because he was an everyday tv personality, his absence was very obvious.

It made me even more determined to discard the stigma that is so often associated with mental health issues. How many lives could be saved if we as a society would only treat them with love instead of shrouding them in shame?!

30 Week Pregnancy Update: Nursery Sneak Peek!


It’s official.

I’ve reached the point in pregnancy where I just start to swell.

It’s one of my least favourite things, but it is completely unavoidable.

Thankfully, it isn’t actually very uncomfortable but my rings are leaving indents and my ankles are definitely holding onto some fluid.

At the end of the day, I do often feel pain/tightness in my left calf.

I brought it up to my midwife but she wasn’t concerned as it isn’t red and the pain does feel directly associated with swelling.


I won’t lie.

The amount of contractions I’ve been having has definitely increased my anxiety levels. The Braxton hicks seem to happen all day every day, but it’s the painful ones that wrap around my back that give me cause for concern.

I always had a feeling that Annie would come early. While she wasn’t born prem, she wasn’t far off it, so I didn’t want to ignore my intuition with this baby either.

When I spoke to my midwife she wasn’t overly concerned about it. She said if I can make it to 32 weeks then she will be even less so.

Instead of worrying about getting to the hospital in order to halt labour, she actually advised me to only be concerned about getting to the hospital before the baby is born.

If she’s born any time from now on, they’ll be able to take great care of her and provide her with everything she needs.

Knowing all that definitely helped to ease my mind.

In saying that, I’m still working hard to make sure we’ve got everything sorted well ahead of her due date…just in case.

30 Week Pregnancy Update: Nursery Sneak Peek!

The Nursery

I knew that once the carpet was in I would really start wanting to get the nursery put together.

I wasn’t wrong.

I’ve spent almost every day this week doing one thing or another in order to prepare the baby’s room for her arrival.

Her clothes, blankets, burp cloths, and other item have all been washed and put away in her drawers.

I’ve been decorating where I can. We do have to wait until early next month to be able to really finish it off, as we’re ordering bunkbeds for the older two so that I can switch a few things around.

However, it’s already looking beautiful and is a space that I really enjoy being in. It gets the morning sun and looks so very pretty and inviting.

Hopefully, next weekend we can pick up her car seat. Other than buying some essentials like diapers, we’re pretty much sorted!

I’m so glad I held onto all of my older children’s baby clothes. However, this week I did go through all of Jack’s gender-specific things that I’ve held onto since he was a newborn.

They totalled up to 4 large rubbish bags, which we’ll be dropping off in the charity bin this weekend.

I only kept one outfit that had some sentimental value, but I was surprisingly okay with getting rid of the rest. Decluttering is good for the soul.

I’m thankful to have had a less challenging week mentally.

Again, my husband is a saint in regards to supporting and encouraging me. I’ve been caught off guard by how understanding he is. I couldn’t ask for a more when it comes to that.

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