3 Things We Love About This 12-Month Old Baby Schedule

Hey, friends! Annie turned one a little while ago (the 13th of October to be exact) and I’ve been totally behind the ball game with getting her update posted. But, here it is in video form. I also wanted to share with you the three things that we’re currently loving about her schedule, and I’ll be sure to post that below too!

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Before going any further, here is what her routine currently looks like:

7 DWT (desired wake time)

8 Breakfast

9-10 Nap

10:30-11:30 Independent Playtime

12 Lunch

1-3 Nap

4:30 Bath

5:30 Dinner

7 Bed

Once the horrendous wonder week finally ended, Annie settled nicely into this routine and we’ve been loving it ever since. Here are three things in particular that we’re seriously enjoying:

No Bottles!

Annie was completely weaned off of bottles by her first birthday. It was a slow and gentle process that took about 6 weeks to accomplish. She now has a sippy of cow’s milk first thing in the morning and then just water for the rest of the day. After searching high and low for the perfect sippy cup, I finally found this one and couldn’t be happier with it! No spilling and she can tip it whichever way she wants and still get it to work. 🙂

Independent Playtime

We had been working on this seriously since about 9 months, but between bouts of teething, sleep regressions, and wonder weeks, it didn’t settle until now. However, she is a champ at independent playtime! In the video I mentioned that she was doing it for 45mins but she’s now at 1 hour and is perfectly content during that time. If you’re curious about independent playtime, then check out this post I wrote about it ———> How To Get Your Child To Play Independently.

Also, here are a few of the toys that she particularly loves to play with:

The Afternoon Nap

Sweet hallelujah! I am beyond pleased that she is finally back to napping like a champ. It was a rough month with short or non-existent naps, but with persistence and a little flexibility, we made it through. She now takes a short morning nap (which I wake her from to preserve the afternoon one) and a two hour afternoon nap. The afternoon nap coincides with her big brother’s, so this mama gets a lovely chunk of downtime all to herself.

Our little Annie is super spunky and such a joy! We couldn’t be more grateful to have her in our lives.

Until next time!

3 Things We Love About This 12 Month Baby Schedule | View Annie's current 2-nap schedule, which includes meal times, and a bit about independent playtime!

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