3 Really Hard Newborn Things That Won’t Last Forever

The newborn stage is so beautiful. You have a brand new baby that is soft and squishy. They’re generally very sleepy and are happy to be held all day (and night!) long. For the first couple of days after the birth of your child, you tend to see everything through rose coloured glasses. It’s a honeymoon period of sorts. And then reality hits. You are responsible for this baby, and after 2-3 nights of very broken sleep, you’ve realised life will never be the same again. And that’s true, but these 3 really hard newborn things won’t last forever.

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Day/Night Confusion

Both of my children had this to a degree. With Jack, it only lasted a night or two. With Annie, it lasted a couple weeks (it nearly killed me!). Babies aren’t born knowing the difference between night and day, which means that they can end up sleeping all day long and then being wide awake at 2 am. It is HARD, but it doesn’t last forever. There are also some gentle ways to help them learn the difference between night and day, which I talk about in my email course. It’s free, just sign up below. 🙂

Witching Hour

Not all babies experience this, but it is still very common. My first had a witching hour for sure, but my second did not. The witching hour is very rarely limited to just one hour. Instead, it often falls somewhere between late afternoon and often times into the night. With Jack (my eldest), his witching hour was like clockwork. From 4-7pm he refused to be put down, nor did he sleep well. It was a case of just doing whatever we could to prevent overstimulation and to try to get through the fussiness. Most babies grow out of the witching hour between 12-16 weeks.

3 Really Hard Newborn Things That Won't Last Forever | Be prepared and know what to expect as you anticipate the arrival of your newborn.

Gas/Tummy Issues

When your baby is in that tiny newborn stage, it is very common for them to have issues with gas. Especially as they get the hang of feeding. Although babies tend to take in less air breastfeeding, the issue of gas is not unique to bottle-feeding (Read my experience with both —> HERE). It is difficult for both parties when baby has trapped air. There are things you can do to help like, bicycle legs, baby massage, or a warm bath. And then I always used Infacol and/or Colic Calm and found they helped my babies tremendously. Of course, there are always exceptions, but tummy issues tend to really settle down by 3 months of age.

The newborn stage is an adjustment for the whole family. It is a joy and delight for sure, but there are certainly issues, like the above, that can make life challenging. It helps to know what to expect. Surround yourself with support where you can (join our mama group —> HERE!), and know that to everything there is a season.

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