27 Week Pregnancy Update: Tips for Sciatica

August 6, 2018
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This week was hard in just about every sense.




I struggled.

But things are looking up, or at least as of right this moment they are. Ha!

The truth is my mood changes like the wind. And who knows when my body is going to throw another curve ball at me like sciatica that I dealt with a few days ago?

There’s a bit to update you on this week so I’m just going to get stuck into it.

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Sciatica In Pregnancy

I keep thinking of myself as fairly early on in my pregnancy.

The truth is, I’m not. I’m well over half-way.

Because of the first admission, I have been so frustrated at my body for not coping with what I’m expecting it to.

A prime example was this weekend when I did an engagement photo shoot for my sister and her fiance.

It was on the beach and it was beautiful!

We had a great time and got some stunning shots, but I could feel my SPD being aggravated as I trekked up and down the sand dunes.

27 Week Pregnancy Update: Tips for Sciatica

Over the next few days, things got worse.

I could feel the SPD pain during the day which is uncommon for me. However, the worst pain was from my sciatic nerve being pinched.

I’ve experienced sciatica far more in this pregnancy than I ever did with my other two.

I wonder if it’s because I just don’t have the core or pelvic tone that I used to.

Anyway, it was awful and debilitating.

On Tuesday I was at my wit’s end with it so I looked up some exercises that were safe to do during pregnancy.

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I made sure to do them several times during the day as well as using my heat pack as much as possible.

That evening I took a nice long bath.

By morning the pain was completely gone and I felt much better.

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I honestly think that the biggest thing that helped was the exercises, which were super easy! Now, every time I’m feeling a slight pinch or ache, I make sure to stop and do some stretches and it seems to be keeping it in check.

In a Rut

I remember reaching this point in pregnancy with Annie and having similar feelings and emotions.

It’s actually not all that different to how I felt with Annie postpartum.

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I had what was borderline postpartum depression. Looking back it is very evident that it wasn’t just postpartum blues, but at the time I failed to see it.

I actually injured my tailbone at 26 weeks pregnant with her and it greatly impacted my day to day living. In fact, it took about 12 months postpartum before it stopped giving me discomfort.

While I don’t have the same injury this time around (thank heavens!), I’ve still struggled with feel so cumbersome and slow.

The pain and fatigue have slowed me down and it has definitely affected my mood.

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It’s not that I’m trying to achieve greatness here…just get dinner on the table and keep the house from turning into a landfill.

When it’s a daily struggle to get even the most basic of things done it puts me into a funk.

I have to make an intentional effort to quell the negative thoughts and speak kindly to myself.

My husband is so good at putting things into perspective and reminding me of what’s truly important. He is a true team player and supports me every step of the way.

In saying that, we’ve both agreed even more so that we would like this to be my last pregnancy.

We are not only content with the size of our family, but also struggle to imagine my body coping with another pregnancy.

I’m just done.

Baby Movement

With all the struggles that have been taking place this week, I’ve been grateful to have this little girl reminding me that she is doing well.

Her movements have become even more frequent and regular.

I feel her moving all over my belly and can feel knees, feet, etc. It’s gorgeous!

She is getting hiccups almost every day and I always find it so cute. I can’t wait until she’s on the outside and I get to hear those little hiccups too.

27 Week Pregnancy Update: Tips for Sciatica


Goodness gracious the acid reflux is kicking my butt this week!

After saying how it wasn’t really an issue it started to flare up with a vengeance.

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I’ve actually resorted to taking Ranitidine because the Gaviscon wasn’t even touching it. Having a cup of tea was like drinking fire because my throat was burnt.


Hopefully, by taking regular medication as well as using Gaviscon as required it’ll become more manageable.

Buying a New Vehicle

I have spent a huge amount of time over the past week looking into vehicle options for our family as well as car seats for all three kids.

We currently have a Safe n Sound convertible car seat for Annie and an Infa-Secure seat for Jack.

Both are convertible. Jack is forward facing and Annie is (and will be for some time) rear facing.

We own a Mazda Premacy which we bought about 2.5 years ago thinking it would be a great long-term family vehicle.

We were wrong.

The Premacy is completely inadequate for safely seating 3 kids in child restraints.


Because the back row doesn’t have any anchor points. We could have them installed, but it still isn’t recommended that young children ride in the back because it is designed to crumple in an accident.

We can’t fit three car seats across the middle because the middle seat is more of an armrest than an actual seat.

So, what are we going to do?

Obviously, the safety of our children is hugely important to us. So, we’re in the market for a new vehicle.

We’ve narrowed it down to a couple of options (both of which are SUVs) and are planning to test drive them sometime this month.

However, we won’t be able to get the new vehicle until early next year which means we have to make do in the meantime.

Car Seats

This was challenging because both of the current seats we have require an anchor point. So, I started looking for a harnessed booster that didn’t.

I was dismayed to find that those kinds of booster seats don’t have a great safety rating at all. And then, I also wanted the option of tethering the booster when we get our new vehicle.

In the end, we’ve settled on the Diono R100.

Although they highly recommend using the tether, they can actually be used without one.

So, while we’re waiting on our new vehicle Jack will be in the back row in the Diono.

Annie will keep her current seat, and we plan on hiring a capsule for the baby.

Once we get the new vehicle, we’d love to have 2 Dionos for the bigger kids and the capsule until the baby grows out of that.

So, that was a lot of information to take in over the course of the week. It most likely added to the mental strain I was under, but I’m really glad to have reached some kind of conclusion about the whole thing.

I will certainly keep you updated with how we get on, but I think that about sums it up for week 27.

Next week I’ll be updating you about entering the 3rd trimester (crazy talk!). And before I go, I just wanted to remind you that there won’t be a video update next week as we’re getting new carpet installed the day I usually film.

However, you’ll still find a written post here on the blog.

Find all my pregnancy updates by clicking on the image below

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